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Cultivating Responsibility at Panyaden

Panyaden Swimming Pool Rules Signboards made by Year 6/7 students
Who makes the rules? We do! By fully involving Panyaden International School students in making agreements, whether in the classroom, at the swimming pool or at home, we encourage a sense of personal responsibility towards them.

Panyaden Year 6/7 students making signboards for school swimming pool Panyaden Year 6/7 student sanding down wooden signboard for school swimming pool Panyaden Year 6/7 student working on wodden signboard for school swimming pool Panyaden Year 6/7 students making swimming pool rules signboards for school Panyaden Year 6/7 students putting up the wooden swimming pool rules signboards they made

Click to see more photos of Panyaden Year 6/7 making swimming pool rules signboards.


Blossom Market Proceeds To Charity

Neil Amas, Panyaden School Director at Ban Rom Sai orphanage in Chiang Mai

Each year, Panyaden donates the net proceeds from our annual Blossom Market to a chosen charity in Chiang Mai. This time we collected 8,000 baht from parent donations and proceeds for Ban Rom Sai, an orphanage situated close to the school in Nam Phrae district for children who have lost their parents to due AIDS or have contracted HIV from a parent. The organisation provides a family environment in a safe, natural setting for 30 children aged between 2 and 17. Thank you for your generosity and for giving the children a chance.