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Prathom 2 Chocolate Unit

IMG_1946 Prathom (Grade) 2 students enjoying their chocolate drink

DSCF8324 Chocolate treats made bt Panyaden Prathom 2 studentsP2 is wrapping up a unit on Chocolate! We learned all about the process of growing cacao and preparing it to sell to chocolate manufacturers, as well as how to make chocolate treats and drinks.

Our field trip to Maejo University and a Belgian chocolate shop, and selling homemade chocolates and iced cocoa, provided valuable hands-on experience. What sweet fun!


DSCF8312 Chocolate for sale! By Panyaden School Grade 2 students
IMG_1855 Panyaden P2 students visit a cacao orchard in Chiang Mai
IMG_1919 Prathom 2 at the cacao orchard in Chiang Mai
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Welcome Back to Panyaden

DSCF2952 Morning assembly, Day 1 of new school year at Panyaden School Chiang Mai
Head Teacher Kru Dokmai and School Director Kru Neil welcomed new students back to school in this morning’s assembly. They asked old students how they can make their new friends feel welcome. ‘Ask them their name,’ suggested one Prathom 2 (P2) student. ‘Show them around the school’ proposed another from P5. ‘Do exercise with them!’ piped up one 6-year old girl from P1.

New teachers then introduced themselves, followed by some guidelines about where to play and keeping safe on our new climbing frame.

“We are very excited to see you all again and we are looking forward to a great year of learning ahead,” said Kru Neil.

Panyaden School students at morning assemby, Day 1 of new school term DSCF2978 Panyaden School teachers introduce themselves Panyaden School Director and Thai Head Teacher at morning assembly with students

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Planting Trees


DSC_0115 Uncle Kam with Panyaden students, Chiang Mai

A few years ago all the trees had been cut down around here. There was no water, nothing. I had such a heavy heart.” explained 70-something villager, Loong (Uncle) Kam. ”Now we have replanted trees and plants, we have running water and the whole area is being transformed.” Uncle Kam lives in a wood and bamboo house he and his wife built themselves in the middle of the forest, a good few miles from the nearest village. With no electricity, no TV, no car, they live entirely on the food they grow themselves around their house. They are delighted to share what they have with our students who are visiting this re-forestation area north of Chiang Mai. We gratefully eat up the delicious banana, rice and coconut snacks (khao tom mad). Uncle Kam is clearly overjoyed to see the children share his food under the cool shade of his house.

DSC_0126 DSC_0122 Students give thanks for food, Panyaden School DSC_0055 dsc_0016

DSC_0029 Tree planted by Panyaden School Chiang Mai to help reforestation effortsWe have come to the Pur Farm project near Mae Taeng to show our P1 and P2 students the impact of deforestation and how we can rebuild and preserve our precious natural environment. Twenty years ago, there were no trees in this area. Now, there are between 30,000 and 40,000 healthy trees and the villagers now have a cool place to relax as well as better access to clean water. Our students try everything from preparing the soil to planting both seeds and seedlings. We then visit the re-forested area where Uncle Kam lives and here we see from his simple life style and pure generosity what is really important in life. A great reminder of the Wise Habit caga: that true wealth is measured by the extent of one’s ability to share whatever we have.

Thank you to Uncle Kam, the villagers and Khun Dao and the Pur Farm project for teaching us so much!


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