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Panyaden Budding Day 1

Kindergarten 2 welcome banner - Panyaden Budding Day 1

Budding Day 1 Celebrations

Budding teachers from Nursery-Year 1

Panyaden Budding Day 1. Students teach parents how to draw, conduct science experiments; solve maths problems and even how to make healthy juices! All part of our Budding Day celebrations on 14 December and a great opportunity for the children to show us highlights of what they have learnt this term, practise their presentation skills and work with as a team. Well done to our students from Nursery, Kindergarten 1 (K1) and Year 1 (Y1) Dragonflies!

Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student shows parents what they have learnt Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student shows parents how to make healthy juice Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student teachers

Panyaden Budding Day 1 - art and science  Panyaden Budding Day 1 celebrations - smiles Panyaden Budding Day 1 - art

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Panyaden Nursery Little Explorers Unit

Panyaden Nursery Little Explorers Unit: Fire Trucks

In their learning unit, Little Explorers, Panyaden’s Nursery children are exploring the world around them, including finding out about local people and places. And what could be more exciting than a real life fire engine? Our local Hang Dong firemen kindly showed us how it all works.

Panyaden Nursery students waiting for fire truck at school as part of their Little Explorers unit Excited about fire trucks, Panyaden Nursery students Panyaden Nursery children wai fire station representatives

Photos on Panyaden’s image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

Recycled paper binoculars made by Panyaden preschooler_MG_8120-logo
Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden

Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten student makes recycled paper, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden's preschoolers painting outdoors at school, Festival of Learning Preschoolers outdoors, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden nursery measuring water for Panyaden Preschool Festival of Learning Preschoolers recycle dry twigs and pods to make art during Panyaden's Festival of Learning

Panyaden Budding Day 2016 Preparations

Panyaden International School students prepare for their Budding Day, end of term celebration of learning. _mg_2914-logo Panyaden primary students rehearsing their music for the school's end of term celebration of learning, Budding Day 2016

Panyaden’s Budding Day preparations

Our students get ready for our end-of-term celebration of learning. Nursery and Kindergarten 1-2 presentations start tomorrow, 8 December, from 8.45am to 9.45am;and  Primary Budding Day is on 9 December from 1.20pm to 3.45pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Visit our image gallery for more photos of the Budding Day preparations.

Focus on Reading: Little Bookworms

Little Bookworms Show

DSC02839 Panyaden School's little bookworms - Nursery students performing
Wonderful performances by Panyaden’s little bookworms yesterday! Nursery and Kindergarten students shared books and stories they love with us through fun and innovative shadow puppets, acting, mime, singing and dancing with colourful handmade props and costumes. Lots of photos on the blog!

DSC02845 DSC02823 Shadow puppet performance by Kindergarten 2, Panyaden School Panyaden Kindergarten students with their paper puppets

Little Bookworms photos on the blog:

Our Creative World

Panyaden Prathom 1 students enjoying their blindfolded sensory walk around the school

Prathom 1 students, Panyaden SchoolPanyaden’s Dance/Drama began a new unit last week entitled ‘Our Creative World’, which focuses on discovering our environment and the creativity it can inspire. Last week our Nursery students began the first of a series of lessons about the weather, beginning with the rain. Playing in the rain means jumping in puddles or getting under a big umbrella when the rain gets too heavy! In another session, our Prathom 1 students led each other on a blindfolded sensory walk to discover the sound, taste, touch and smell of the environment around our school. Click here for more photos on the blog.