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Panyaden ‘My Project’ 2017

Panyaden My Project 2017: self-directed learning programme - students brainstorming with teachers

It’s ‘My Project’!

Panyaden’s Self-directed Learning Programme

Panyaden’s primary students spent time after school last week brainstorming ideas for their self-directed learning programme, ‘My Project’. This programme is an opportunity for our students to work independently on projects of their choosing. Our main goal is to nurture their passion and creativity, allowing them in the process to take responsibility for their own learning. ‘My Project’ also benefits students in other ways, including building self-confidence and increasing self-reliance. It also encourages independent learning and developing team working skills.

This time, the students came up with ideas like Art You Can Use, D.I.Y. Super Science, incorporating and making products for The Panyaden Natural Product Company, Healthy Eating as well as computer animation and staging a Mary Poppins musical!

Panyaden My Project 2017 -Self-directed Learning Programme: Brainstorming ideas Panyaden My Project 2017- students looking for ideas on computer for their self-directed My Project

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Panyaden My Project Celebration

Panyaden My Project Celebration 2016 Term 2

Panyaden Celebrates My Project Term 2

We did it! Composing songs, making little notebooks, mosaics, and toys, filming and editing a documentary, cooking and baking, weaving, creating fun games and more….Panyaden parents, friends and staff enjoy a creative showcase featuring projects by our primary students who have worked hard in planning, designing, making and completing their self-directed projects for term 2. Well done!

Panyaden My Project Celebration: Band playing their self composed music Panyaden My Project Celebration: Weaving Panyaden My Project Celebration 2016 Term2: making picture frames with ice cream sticks Panyaden My Project Celebration 2016 Term 2: flying bottle 

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Panyaden Self-directed Learning Programme 2016

_mg_2598-logo Computer programming by Panyaden International School primary students Panyaden 'My Project'! Presented by Panyaden International School primary students. _mg_2580-logo Organic desserts made by Panyaden students for 'My Project' _mg_2653-logo Art by Panyaden primary students for the school's 'My Project' _mg_2606-logo Bamboo play structure made by Panyaden International School primary students

It’s Panyaden’s ‘My Project’!

We congratulate our primary students for their best efforts, teamwork and creativity shown during the making of their self-directed projects. Everyone at school including parents and friends enjoyed seeing the results of their hard work on Friday. Well done!

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Panyaden ‘My Project’ Natural Products

Butterfly pea scones made by Panyaden Year 2 to 4 students for school 'My Project'

It’s ‘My Project’! Panyaden Year 2-4 learn about baking with natural ingredients as well as how to run a small business of their own during ‘My Project’. Our students made scones flavoured with butterfly pea flowers freshly picked from our school garden and organic strawberry jam for sale. They will use the proceeds to plan and budget for their next natural product project.

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My Project Natural Products: Panyaden Year 2-4 students making strawberry jam scones img_11520-logo Panyaden International School student making organic strawberry jam as part of her 'My Project' img_1188-logo Making scones and james with natural products by Panyaden International School Year 2-4 students for 'My Project' _mg_0508-logo Tasty scones made with natural products made by Panyaden International School Year 2-4 students for 'My Project' Delicious butterfly pea scones and strawberry jam for sale by Panyaden Year 2-4 students

Panyaden Student ‘My Project’: Bamboo Play Structure


It’s ‘My Project’! Bamboo play structure by Panyaden students, coming soon! As part of our weekly self-directed learning programme, ‘My Project’, students must design, plan, budget, submit for approval and then implement their own ideas, delivering the final product by the end of the term.

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n-photo-2-logo 14 15

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Panyaden ‘My Project’: Programming

_mg_9433-logo Panyaden International School's upper primary students learning computer programming skills for 'My Project'.

One of our student-led projects this term will help upper primary students learn programming skills and how they can use these to develop games. ‘My Project’ is a once-a-week programme in which students develop and direct their own learning, leading to some kind of finished product at the end of the term.

_mg_8791-logo 'My Project' Panyaden International School: Computer programming and games _mg_9424-logo Panyaden International School 'My Project': Programming/Developing Computer Games

Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden

DSCF1294 Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro with Panyaden student during his visit to the school on 22 January 2016

We were honoured by the visit of Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro, Venerable Ajahn Jiew and other venerable monks who took the time to observe students engaged in ‘My Project’ before Ajahn Jayasaro later gave a dhamma talk to parents, teachers and friends.

DSCF1242   DSCF1223

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‘My Project’ 2015 Term 1 Celebrations

My Project 2015 T1, Panyaden School

We did it by ourselves! Parents, teachers and students join together to celebrate the result of 12 weeks of student-led planning, designing and making ‘My Project’. This term’s projects were: Shirts for the Dog Shelter, It’s All Natural (natural food products), Crafty Cats handicrafts, Sculpture, Cardboard Houses, Herbal Medicines, Traditional Weaving, Candle Making, Creative Hanging Things and Making a Herb and Flower Garden. The task included making sure all projects showed care for the environment and that the final products in some way brought benefits to others, whether making a candle for mum or donating profits from selling homemade jam to local school Wat Prachakasem. Job done!

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