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Dhamma Talk by Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at Panyaden International School.

Friday 25th January 2019, 16.00-17.15
At Assembly Hall, Panyaden International School, Chiangmai

All Panyaden community and guests are warmly welcome to join us. Please call 080 078 5115 for registration.

เชิญเข้าฟังธรรมเทศนา โดย พระอาจารย์ชยสาโร ภิกขุ

ในวันศุกร์ที่ ๒๕ มกราคม ๒๕๖๒ เวลา ๑๖.๐๐ – ๑๗.๑๕
ณ ศาลาอเนกประสงค์โรงเรียนนานาชาติปัญญาเด่น จังหวัดเชียงใหม่

โดยมีเนื้อความธรรมบรรยายเป็นภาษาไทยและภาษาอังกฤษ สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ โทร. ๐๘๐-๐๗๘-๕๑๑๕

Dhamma Talk by Venerable Ajahn Amaro at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Amaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at our Assembly Hall.
All Panyaden community and guests are warmly welcome to join us.

Please call 080 078 5115 or send us a message for registration.


Ven. Ajahn Sukhacitto Visits Panyaden

Ajahn Sukhacitto with Panyaden International School teachers

Panyaden International School was honoured to be visited by Venerable Ajahn Sukhacitto yesterday. Ven. Ajahn Sukhacitto visited Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms and offered a guided meditation session to our teachers.

Ven. Ajahn Sukhacitto visits Panyaden International School Venerable Ajahn Sukhacitto speaking to Panyaden International School students Panyaden primary students playing building block games Panyaden International School primary student in classroom

Photos here in Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Venerable Ajahn Jiew Visits Panyaden


Venerable Ajahn Jiew led Panyaden in a meditation in remembrance of His Majesty the King. We offered alms ( (one spoonful of rice each) to Ajahn Jiew in the morning while Year 4 students prepared and offered a meal for our honoured guest after the meditation session. Click here for more photos on the blog.

_mg_1294-logo Offering alms to Venerable Ajahn Jiew at Panyaden International School _mg_1314-logo Morning alms round, Panyaden International School _mg_1373-logo Panyaden meditation session _mg_1369-logo Meditation session at Panyaden International School in remembrance of His Majesty the King _mg_1385-logo Panyaden Year 4 students offered food they prepared to honoured guest, Venerable Ajahn Jiew _mg_1233-logo Panyaden Year 4 students preparing food for Venerable Ajahn Jiew

In Remembrance of His Majesty the King

_mg_1107-logo In remembrance of the King, Panyaden International School


Panyaden students and teachers joined together this morning in remembrance of His Majesty the King. After short speeches on the King’s life and work by Kru Neil, Kru Dokmai and Kru Ying, we contemplated His Majesty’s achievements and qualities in a 5-minute meditation.


_mg_1121-logo In remembrance of His Majesty the Thai King, Panyaden International School _mg_1123-logo In remembrance of His Majesty the Thai King, Panyaden International School

Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro Visits Panyaden

FotorCreated3 Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro visits Panyaden School CHiang Mai
A visit by Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro. Students, teachers, parents and friends were given the opportunity to hear the wisdom of Panyaden’s spiritual advisor, Ajahn Jayasaro yesterday. Accompanied by Venerable Ajahn Jiew and Venerable Ton, the day started with guided meditation for teachers followed by visits to Grade 4 and 5 classrooms, Q and A with teachers and a dhamma talk for parents and friends. An inspiring day for which we are deeply grateful.

Meditation Retreat for Parents

Ajahn Jiew at Panyaden School Chiang Mai
One-day meditation retreat for Panyaden parents
with Venerable Ajahn Jiew

Saturday, August 15th, 8.30 – 15:45

On Saturday, August 15th, Panyaden School will be hosting a one-day meditation retreat for our parents and carers. Venerable Ajahn Jiew is kindly leading this event and we hope as many parents as possible will make the most of this opportunity.

The retreat will be appropriate for both those of you who are new to meditation and would like a gentle introduction to the practice and for those who already practise. Ajahn Jiew will give advice on techniques and there will be opportunities for questions and answers. Instruction will be given mainly in English and the retreat will comprise a mixture of sitting, walking and Q & A and will be conducted in ‘Noble Silence’. A wonderful opportunity to be without your phone for the day!

Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Please do let us know as soon as possible if you will attend by informing Kru Boy at the School Office so that we can prepare catering. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask Kru Neil or Kru Boy.

Prathom 3-6 Meditation

Panyaden Prathom students mediate with ice in hands

Prathom 3-6 students were feeling cool in today’s sati and samadhi activity inspired by P4 homeroom teacher, Kru Jan! Students sat silently with eyes closed as an ice cube was put into the palm of their hand. Five minutes later they opened their eyes and were asked to share their reflections. We observed how the mind deals with initially uncomfortable sensations through focusing on an alternative point of concentration or by simply observing the sensation without being overcome by aversion. A great lesson in perseverance and patience!

Panyaden School Prathom 3-6 students meditation session   Meditating with ice in hand, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

More photos here on the blog.

Staff Retreat in Chiang Rai

IMG_4099 Panyaden staff with Ajahn Jiew & monks

Panyaden teachers and staff have returned from a 5-day meditation retreat at Venerable Ajahn Jiew’s forest temple in Chiang Rai.

The day started with a wake-up bell at 4.30 am, followed by morning chanting and meditation. We then joined Ajahn Jiew and the resident monks for the early morning alms round to the local village 3 kilometres away, where we were privileged to experience first-hand the generosity of the local community upon which Buddhist monks depend.

Each day we combined daily chores, such as cleaning toilets and sweeping the forest paths, with walking and sitting meditation and a Q&A session with Ajahn Jiew. The day finished with evening chanting and a dhamma talk, candles out at 10 pm! Wat Yen Boon has no electricity, basic facilities and all the wildlife one would expect to see in the woods during the rainy season, so this was a very special opportunity to practice in the real manner of the Thai forest tradition!

We are very grateful for the generosity and metta Ajahn Jiew showed us. Not only did we practice the dhamma under his kind guidance but we also were privileged for the insights into every day temple life that we were provided.

Panyaden teachers and staff join the monks on their morning alms round

Panyaden staff following the monks on their morning alms round Panyaden staff go on morning alms round with the monks

Sitting and walking meditation

IMG_3850 Walking Meditation IMG_4006 Walking Meditation IMG_4034

Daily Dhamma talks and Q&A with Venerable Ajahn Jiew

IMG_4017 Dhamma talk by Ajahn Jiew at Wat Yen Boon, Panyaden School IMG_4018

Click here for more photos on the blog.