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Year 5 World Evolution Timeline

_mg_8603-logo Panyaden International School Year 5 students measuring and making a timeline of the world's evolution

Integrating History and Maths…and making it fun! Using a measuring wheel, string and photos, Panyaden Year 5 students made a timeline along the road to the school charting the earth’s evolution from 600 millions years ago until now. And they found that, from a 600-metre long line, humans have only been around for about 20 centimetres!
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Integrated Learning

DSCF4485 Panyaden School Grade (Prathom) 2 students on field trip to the market
Maths, communication skills, health studies…..Prathom 2 students visit a supermarket and fresh food market in Mae Hia to learn about the differences between local and imported products and to plan a meal, including ingredients and budgeting. Integrated, real-life learning at Panyaden!

DSCF4473 Prathom 2 studens buying fresh fruit at Mae Hia market, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Prathom Budding Day 2015

Prathom Budding Day 2015, Panyaden School

Prathom Celebration of Learning

Panyaden’s primary school students were thrilled to be our teachers on Budding Day. Their hard work and best effort were evident as they engaged parents in Thai, English, PE, Maths, Music, Science and other activities to demonstrate the skills and understanding they have developed throughout the first term. A wonderful experience for all!

DSCF2572 Celebration of learning at Panyaden School Chiang Mai DSCF2632 Prathom (Primary) Budding Day, Panyaden School DSCF2796 Prathom (Primary) Budding Day, Panyaden School

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End Of Term Student Presentations

Students present work to their parents at Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Panyaden School students gave a marvelous display of their work this term on Sept 27. Every class played music, sang, danced and engaged their parents in their learning. They participated in games with their parents and answered questions to show what they have learnt in Math, Science, Geography, English, Art, History and even physical exercise.

Michel Thibault, Head Teacher, said that this end of term celebration was a wonderful opportunity for the children to share with their parents what they have studied this term.

The students’ bilingual presentations on academic subjects and issues like environmental issues expressed through art, health, recycling and art history, were passionate and confident. It was interesting to see how they cleverly integrated different subjects and used them for further learning; for example, they enacted roles from different cultures in Drama Class as part of their World Tour to learn about the geography, history and life of peoples from different countries.

For many parents and the school, it was wonderful to see how much their children have grown within the year and how much they clearly enjoyed learning. We look forward to the upcoming term!

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