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Panyaden Reading Day 2018

Panyaden Reading Day 2018 - students reading in classroom cove

We love reading!

To celebrate and encourage our students’ love of reading, Panyaden’s annual Reading Day featured many fun activities including a skit by Year 7 about creative storytelling, ‘buddy reading’ where Y4-7 read to their young friends in Nursery up to Year 3, in-class student-to-student book recommendations and favourite storytelling by volunteer parents. A delightful celebration of the wonders of reading!

Panyaden Reading Day 2018 - older student reading to younger onesPanyaden Reading Day 2018 - students enjoy reading a book together Panyaden Reading Day 2018 - older student enjoy reading to the younger students Panyaden Reading Day 2018 - storytelling by Panyaden parent volunteer

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Parent Workshop (Prathom)

Focus on Reading Week

Parent Workshop: “Encouraging Reading at Home” (Prathom)

DSC02163 Panyaden School parent workshop
Thursday, 27 Nov, 2014, 16:30-17:00 (Canteen)

A chance for Panyaden parents to exchange experiences and learn new ideas to promote a love of reading
amongst older children with Kru Michel and Kru Jan.
Please contact the School Office (053 426 618) to reserve a place.