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Panyaden Science Fair 2014

Panyaden School Science Fair 2014

Did you know that many everyday materials could be used as ingredients for science experiments? We had first hand experience of this today when we participated in a series of interesting experiments led by our schoolmates during Panyaden’s annual Science Fair today. We used cornstarch with water to create quick sand, turned balloons into rockets and mixed food colouring and drinks to create colourful liquid rainbows! These fun experiments helped us to understand various scientific concepts like Newton’s Law of Gravity, density, sound, light and air pressure. Enjoy the photos of this special day on the blog.

Student experiments at Science Fair 2014, Panyaden School Chiang Mai Student presentation at Panyaden School Science Fair 2014, Photo by Playpixels 3 Panyaden School Science Fair 2014, Photo by Playpixels 7 Science Fair 2014 rocket balloons, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

More photos here on the blog. With thanks to PLAYPIXELS for contributing photos to our albums on FB and the blog.