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Self-Sufficiency Farming

Panyaden self-sufficency farming life skills – students with organic vegetables grown at school

Following in King Rama IX’s Footsteps

Self-Sufficiency Farming Philosophy

Inspired by King Rama IX’s approach to self-sufficiency farming, Panyaden International students tend to the vegetables they have been growing and collect eggs in the morning. Nong Prompt, Y4 and Nong Somchai, Year 5, are such keen gardeners they don’t need reminding to water and tend to the garden every day! The school’s Life Skills team has been experimenting with ways to implement the late King’s philosophy at Panyaden.

Panyaden students gardening as part of their Life Skills self-sufficiency farming class Panyaden student collecting eggs at school Panyaden student shows off eggs he collected from school farm

Panyaden Life Skills Class

Panyaden Life Skills class- Y6 and 7 students rice harvesting

Life Skills Class

Our rice plants have thrived despite the October flash floods. Year 6/7 Life Skills class is back to help harvest the crops, a great way to learn first-hand about the life of a rice farmer, to learn practical skills and work as a team. See more photos of the activity here in our school blog gallery and our Facebook page.

Panyaden’s Life Skills programme engages our students in interactive learning such as sustainable living, useful traditional know-how and crafts as well as outdoor survival skills. It also gives students practical opportunities to acquire valuable life skills lessons and essential personal qualities that can be applied to many different areas of their lives. Find out more about the programme on our website’s curriculum page.

Teamwork. Panyaden Life Skills class - Y6/7 students harvest rice together Panyaden Life Skills class - Y6/7 students harvesting rice Panyaden Year 6/7 life skills class - group photo after the harvest

Annual Rice Planting 2017

Panyaden rice planting day 2017

Panyaden Rice Planting Day

Time to get muddy! The Panyaden community getting their hands dirty for our annual rice growing project. Experiencing the process of rice cultivation first hand is a rich learning experience. The life cycle of the rice plant, rice production in Thailand, the work of a farmer, perseverance, resilience and, of course, lots of fun! Life skills at Panyaden.

Panyaden community get together for the school's rice growing project Panyaden pre-schookl children get ready for rice planting Teacher gives rice seedling to student, Panyaden rice planting day

Students planting rice seedlings, Panyaden Rice Planting Day Father and daughter planting rice, Panyaden Rice Planting Day DHappy students dancing in the mud, Panyaden Rice Planting Day

Lots more photos here in Panyaden blog gallery.

Panyaden Life Skills: Rice Project Field Trip

Panyaden Year 2 and 5 student field trip to rice mill in Chiang Mai

Panyaden Life Skills Rice Project: Rice Mill Visit

From Field to Table. Panyaden’s Year 2 and Year 5 visit a traditional rice mill to experience the milling process, using rice they grew and harvested themselves at the school’s own rice plots. See lots more photos on Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Panyaden International School Chiang Mai students with eggs they gathered during their rice mill visit Panyaden International School Chiang Mai students picking vegetables for cooking during their rice mill visit Panyaden student and buffalo eye each other curiously Panyaden International School student enjoy sitting a rocking horse on the field of a rice mill Fun ride! Panyaden International School student field trip to a rice mill in Chiang Mai



Panyaden Welcomes Honoured Guests

Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro and Ven. Ajahn Jiew observe Panyaden International School wise habit session Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro and Ajahn Jiew observe Panyaden Life Skills Class for Year 3 Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro helps Panyaden's Year 3 student during Life Skills class at the school Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro helps Panyaden Year 3 primary student to plant vegetables

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro and Venerable Ajahn Jiew join the school’s morning assembly and Life Skills class. Venerable Jayasaro observed our skit on the Wise Habit samadhi (being calm and focused) and gave students some advice on how to practise it. He then helped Year 3 student Ethan plant a vegetable and asked the youngster to look after it for him until his next visit!

More photos of the visit are on Panyaden’s blog.