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Happy Library Time Week 1 @Panyaden

Students reading in Panyaden School Library 1

We recently added more books to our library. During the first week of school, every class started with lots of reading activities with their classmates (buddy reading: existing and new students sharing their favourite books with each other).

When it was moral stories reading time, Kru Ou chose the book, “The Crow and the Pitcher”. A thirsty crow comes upon a pitcher with water at the bottom, beyond the reach of its beak.How can he drink from the jar without falling in? Our students pondered this problem and shared their ideas. Moral of the story: effort and persistence are important if we want to be successful.

More photos on our Facebook page.

Wise Habit Skit

Panyaden wise habit, Indriya-samvara skit by teachers
This morning, our teachers staged a skit about two little pigs to demonstrate examples of Indriya-samvara (using our senses wisely) such as paying attention to the teachers, good eating habits, staying silent and respectful of other readers in the library and not bringing snacks into class.