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Preparing Seed Balls for Rice Planting

IMG_5306-logo Year 1 preparing rice seed balls for rice planting at Panyaden International School
Year 2 students prepare rice seedlings for their young kindergarten friends for tomorrow’s annual rice planting. This traditional technique compacts soil into mud balls to that the rice plants can be thrown into the field instead of pushed into the ground. Easier for little hands!

_MG_7874-logo Panyaden Year 1 students making rice seed balls for planting at school

IMG_5277-logo Rice seed balls, Panyaden International School

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Panyaden Kindergarten Student Tents

DSC_3961 Panyaden School student in her tent!
As part of our ‘Green Fingers’ topic, Kindergarten 2-3 students learnt about the difference between man-made and natural materials. Students had to work out whether everyday items were man-made or from nature, then used all of the natural materials to make their own tents.

DSC_3991 Panyaden School kindergarten student making a green tent DSC_4001 Kindergarten students making a tent from natural materials, Panyaden School This is our tent! Happy kindergarten students, Panyaden International School File_007 This is our tent! Happy kindergarten students, Panyaden International School

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Panyaden Reading Day 4 Nov 2015

DSC02296 Panyaden Buddy Reading, Reading Week CHiang Mai

Reading Day tomorrow!

As part of our annual ‘Focus on Reading Day’ we will be running a number of activities at school including Buddy Reading (where older children read to their younger friends from kindergarten), Story Under a Tree (when parents come in and read to groups of students under the shade of a tree) and Book Barter (students get the chance to exchange used books with friends). Let’s read!

K1 Water Experiment

Water is Life!

K1 (Kindergarten 1) water experiment, Panyaden School
Kindergarten 1 have been learning about the properties of water through a wide variety of activities and experiments developing knowledge, creativity, fine motor skills and concentration.

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Focus on Reading: Little Bookworms

Little Bookworms Show

DSC02839 Panyaden School's little bookworms - Nursery students performing
Wonderful performances by Panyaden’s little bookworms yesterday! Nursery and Kindergarten students shared books and stories they love with us through fun and innovative shadow puppets, acting, mime, singing and dancing with colourful handmade props and costumes. Lots of photos on the blog!

DSC02845 DSC02823 Shadow puppet performance by Kindergarten 2, Panyaden School Panyaden Kindergarten students with their paper puppets

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