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Fun Learning @Panyaden

Panyaden International School Upper Primary students making their own raft

Raft builders!

Upper primary students  learn hands-on about the buoyancy properties of different materials by building their own raft to float on the river later in the week. Science, practical life skills, teamwork and fun all in one.

Upper Primary students making their own raft to learn about buoyancy, Panyaden International School Science class: Panyaden International School upper primary students learn about buoyancy by making their own raft

Science, fitness and fun!

DSCF3531 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai
Panyaden Prathom 2 students enjoying a memorable day out at Crossfit Chiangmai where they learned about the forces of pushing and pulling as they relate to sport science and exercise, as well as why it is important to work as a team. Science, fitness and fun! Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts, Kru Andrew, Kru Monica and the rest of the staff at Crossfit Chiangmai.

DSCF3744 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai DSCF3723 DSCF3695 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3563 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

DSCF3810 Panyaden School grade 2 summer programme students at Crossfit Chiangmai

Lots more photos here on the blog and on Facebook.

Prathom 2 Chocolate Unit

IMG_1946 Prathom (Grade) 2 students enjoying their chocolate drink

DSCF8324 Chocolate treats made bt Panyaden Prathom 2 studentsP2 is wrapping up a unit on Chocolate! We learned all about the process of growing cacao and preparing it to sell to chocolate manufacturers, as well as how to make chocolate treats and drinks.

Our field trip to Maejo University and a Belgian chocolate shop, and selling homemade chocolates and iced cocoa, provided valuable hands-on experience. What sweet fun!


DSCF8312 Chocolate for sale! By Panyaden School Grade 2 students
IMG_1855 Panyaden P2 students visit a cacao orchard in Chiang Mai
IMG_1919 Prathom 2 at the cacao orchard in Chiang Mai
More photos here!

Reading Week & Father’s Day Activities (Nov 28 – 2 Dec)

Monday, Nov 28:

  • Morning: Students will go to bookstores (99THB Bookstore and Surawong) and buy one book each for the school library.
  • 3.30-4.30pm: Small discussion and exchange session between teachers & parents: “The Power of Reading”.
Wednesday, Nov 29:

  • 8.30-9.30am: Professional storyteller to read and perform for all students at Assembly Hall.
  • 9.45-10.15am: Workshop about reading and acting for K2-3
  • 10.30-11.15am: Workshop for P1-P5
Thursday, Nov 30:

  • All day: Fun reading activities in small groups for children of all ages.
Friday (Focus on Father’s Day)

  • Morning class: Reading about and writing to the King (Father’s Day). Students will make cards to salute our King and to hang them at the tree bearing the King’s photos (Parent’s Sala).
  • 3:00-4:00pm: All students will plant home-grown vegetables (i.e. chilli, garlic, lemongrass etc) in our garden area so our chef can harvest it later for cooking our food. This activity is linked to self-sufficiency projects originated by our King. All parents are welcome to join us.
Every morning Assembly:

  • -Storytelling/reading by our teachers to all students and the DEAR programme (all students need to Drop Everything And just Read)
Every lunch time:

  • “Read under a tree” (independent reading time)
  • “Once upon a time” (story read by a teacher; voluntary participation)
Ongoing projects:

  • “One Leaf at a Time”: After students finish reading a book, they can put a leaf card on the world map (what the story is about/ what happens).
  • “Where in the World”: The world map that students need to put the leaf on. If they put more = they read more. We may give a reward to the winner of the month/the year (who read the most number of books).