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Dhamma Talk by Venerable Ajahn Amaro at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Amaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at our Assembly Hall.
All Panyaden community and guests are warmly welcome to join us.

Please call 080 078 5115 or send us a message for registration.


Friends of Panyaden Party

Friends of Panyaden (FOP) Welcome Party poster for parents

Friends of Panyaden Welcome Party for New Parents

All parents are cordially invited to Friends of Panyaden (FOP)’s potluck party to welcome new parents to the school. FOP is our parent-teacher group. See you next Wednesday, 30 August 2017. We look forward to meeting you between 4 – 6 pm!

22 August @Panyaden School

Panyaden Science Day 2014

Science Day & Flea Market, Panyaden School

Panyaden will commemorate the Thai National Science Day on Friday morning, 22 August 2014. Parents are welcome to join us in our Science activities and experiments starting from 9am till 11.30am.

Our parent-teacher association, Friends of Panyaden (FoP), will also run a flea market the same afternoon (3-5pm). Drop by if you love a bargain!

End of Fundraising Appeal by Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas

More than 40,000 baht raised for the Philippines!

Phillippines Appeal project ends, Panyaden School

As part of Giving Week, our students presented the highlights of our Philippines Appeal and revealed the total amount raised in assembly this morning.

Here is an excerpt from a speech by Nalin and Aisha from P4:

“We want to thank everyone who lent a helping hand throughout the past two weeks. Panyaden students, parents, and teachers all responded to the Philippines Typhoon and dedicated their time and energy to help make a difference.

The Cooking Club served up delicious treats, the DIY club made some cool tie-dye clothes, and the P5-6 class auctioned their reading week t-shirts. Kru Lizzie’s Craft for a Cause helpers created cards, bracelets, and headbands during their lunch break. Kru Or and her artists made beautiful pieces to sell at the Craft for a Cause Fair, and Kru Tee and his band put on a great musical performance. The Friends of Panyaden hosted the fun flea market and parents donated generously.

Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and support. ”

The total amount raised was an impressive 42,800 baht!

We will be sending our money to the Philippines through an organization called the Disaster Emergency Committee, which, through its partners, has helped over 1.6 million people, setting up 4,500 tents for people lost their homes, delivered 50,000 food parcels, provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of families and set up medical clinics and temporary schools.

photo 3 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal photo 1 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal fundraising photo 2 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal fundraising photo 4 photo 1 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal fundraising photo 3 photo 1 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal fundraising photo 4 photo 1 End of Panyaden Philippines Appeal fund-raising

Panyaden Giving Project

T-shirts for Philippines Appeal

T-shirt sale to raise funds for Philippines Appeal, Panyaden School

Prathom 5-6 hand painted 6 T-shirts to raise funds for Panyaden’s Philippines Appeal. All the T-shirts were snapped up at last Friday’s Friends of Panyaden (FoP) flea market for a total 2,700baht. We also received many more generous donations and have already exceeded 5 figures! Well done! Here are photos of our students and teachers hard at work on the painting.

IMG_1190 Prathom student designing T-shirt, Panyaden School Philippines Appeal IMG_1189 Prathom student designing T-shirt, Panyaden School Philippines Appeal Student designing T-shirt, Panyaden School Philippines Appeal Prathom student designing T-shirt, Panyaden School's Philippines Appeal IMG_1177 Prathom homeroom teacher painting T-shirt for Panyaden School Philippines Appeal IMG_1191 Prathom student designing T-shirt, Panyaden School Philippines Appeal IMG_1193 Prathom student with his newly painted T-shirt for school's Philippines Appeal IMG_1180 Prathom homeroom teacher with his finished T-shirt for Panyaden School Philippines Appeal in Chiang Mai

Panyaden Giving Project

Panyaden School Chiang Mai Logo

Panyaden’s Philippines Appeal

December 4‐December 15

As part of Panyaden’s Giving Project, we want to extend our helping hands to those who have been affected by the devastating typhoon that swept through the Philippines. We will be launching a Philippines Appeal beginning Dec 4 and lasting two weeks. Students will be asked to bring in donations to their classes and will host after‐school activities to raise awareness and funds.

By working together, we want students, parents, and teachers to cultivate the wise habits Caga (generosity), delighting in unconditional giving, sharing or relinquishing and Metta‐Karuna (kindness and compassion). As Venerable Jayasaro notes, “few things enhance the sense of connection between family members as group acts of generosity.” We also want to emphasize the importance of being environmentally mindful and the need to collectively protect our earth.

Learn more about the upcoming Philippines Appeal from our P5-6 student ambassadors at the Friends of Panyaden Flea market on Friday 29 Nov (from 3.30pm – 6.00pm)!

Who will send our funds to the Philippines?

Our fundraising efforts will support the work of the UK‐based organization DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). We have selected the DEC based on its successful track record in aid distribution, direct contact with NGOs that work on the ground and long‐term commitment to the relief effort.

For more information: https://www.dec.org.uk/appeals/philippines‐typhoon‐appeal


Orientation Day for New Parents

IMG_0237 Panyaden staff welcoming new parents to the bilingual school in Chiang Mai

Panyaden welcomed all new parents and their children to our school yesterday with an orientation session led by our Founder, School Director and Head Teachers. Other staff, teachers as well as committee members of Friends of Panyaden (FoP) were also on hand to answer questions and acquaint the new parents with our school practices and policy. We look forward to the start of the next school year with our new schoolmates on Tuesday!

IMG_0318 New parenst at Panyaden School Orientation Day IMG_0289 Head teachers of Panyaden School addressing new parents on Orientation Day IMG_0298 Friends of Panyaden at Panyaden School Orientation Day

Click here for more photos.