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Teachers’ Training @Panyaden

Panyaden School teachers' training 22 July 2015

Focus on Reading

To further strengthen this year’s focus on reading, Panyaden teachers were yesterday trained on various strategies and tools to encourage independent reading, including guided reading, reading assessment and phonological awareness in preschool.

Focus on Reading: Little Bookworms

Little Bookworms Show

DSC02839 Panyaden School's little bookworms - Nursery students performing
Wonderful performances by Panyaden’s little bookworms yesterday! Nursery and Kindergarten students shared books and stories they love with us through fun and innovative shadow puppets, acting, mime, singing and dancing with colourful handmade props and costumes. Lots of photos on the blog!

DSC02845 DSC02823 Shadow puppet performance by Kindergarten 2, Panyaden School Panyaden Kindergarten students with their paper puppets

Little Bookworms photos on the blog:

Panyaden Reading Week 2014

Focus on Reading Week:

Monday 24 – Friday 28 November, 2014

Buddy reading, Panyaden School Reading Week

Panyaden’s annual Reading Week is approaching and we invite parents to join us in the following activities:

Monday 24th: Parent Workshop: Encouraging Reading at Home
15:30-16:30 (Nursery and Kindergarten) (Canteen)

A chance for parents to exchange experiences and learn new ideas to promote a love of reading amongst young children. Please contact the School Office to reserve a place.

Tuesday 25th: My Favourite: Sharing a Love of Literature
16:00–17:00 (Canteen)

Parents, teachers and students are invited to share a quote, a passage from a book, his or her own writing or a poem. Please email our librarian, Kru Ou (library@panaden.ac.th), to book your place and let us know what you will be reading or inform your homeroom teacher.

Wednesday 26th: Little Bookworms
8:30-9:30 (N-K3) (Assembly Hall)

N-K3 students will be sharing books they love through acting, “reading”, singing, or whatever format they like!

Thursday 27th: Parent Workshop: Encouraging Reading at Home
16:30-17:00 (Prathom) (Canteen)

Exchange experiences and learn new ideas to promote a love of reading amongst older children. Please contact the School Office to reserve a place.

Friday 28th: Story Book Walk
8:30–9:30 (P1-3 in Assembly Hall; P3-6 in Canteen)

Prathom students will share their own perspectives, reflections and interpretations of a particular genre of literature, a story, author or book. Parents are invited to peruse their displays in the Assembly Hall.

Readers by Example:
We will make a collage of pictures of parents and teachers reading as a way to remind and encourage our children to read and enjoy reading. Please email Kru Ou a photo of you reading.

Every lunch time (12:55-13:25): “Stories from Around the World”
(various locations around the school)
We would like to hear from parents who are willing to volunteer to read a story (in English or Thai) to students during lunch break. Please email Kru Ou if you would like to volunteer.

Daily Book Fair (Parents’ Sala)
English and Thai books on sale from Scholastics (Mon-Wed) and Book 53 (Thu-Fri).

We look forward to your participation. Please support the focus on reading at home too!


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