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Panyaden Blossom Day 2019: A celebration that brings Panyaden together!


You are invited to enjoy the talent and skills of our students on Blossom Day,
An annual celebration that brings everyone at Panyaden together!


Panyaden Blossom Day 2019 & Lamyai Minimal Waste Market


Just like a beautiful flower, this Vibrant Showcase of song, dance, drama and poetry
will be held on stage, together with school-wide Exhibitions from various classrooms,
in order to reveal what Panyaden students learned over the academic year.

Followed by a Minimal Waste ‘Lamyai Market’ with stalls selling
lots of environmentally-friendly food, healthy snack, drink, and a wide range of handicrafts
made by the students and Panyaden community.



#26th June 2019,
9:00 – 11:00
The celebration for Nursery – Y1
K2 Graduation Ceremony

11:00 – 14:00
Pot Luck Lunch
Free Family Photos at the new secondary building

#27th June 2019,
9:00 – 11:00
The celebration for Year 2- Year 7
Year 6 & Year 7 Graduation Ceremony

11:00 – 14:00
Lamyai Market
Free Family Photos at the new secondary building


Don’t Forget to bring your own utensils & Shopping Bag!

Open House (Nov 28 – Dec 2): Agenda

Daily Agenda

This is the daily agenda for Panyaden School’s Open House week; applicable to both morning and afternoon sessions:

  0900-0945hr / 1300-1345hr Registration at Parents’ Sala
Flyer about Panyaden to be provided
DVD (A Day In The Life Of Our Students at School) to be shown
Exhibition about our school
Snacks/tea/coffee to be served
 0945-1015hr / 1345-1415hr School brief (in Thai & Eng) by Neil Amas, School Director & K. Boy, Liaison Manager, at Parents’ Sala
 1015-1100hr / 1415-1500hr School tour by Neil & K. Boy
Q&A ((in Thai & Eng, at meeting room) by Michel, Head Teacher & K. Pam

Details of Reading Week will be available on the blog and FB page next week.