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Dhamma Talk by Venerable Ajahn Amaro at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Amaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at our Assembly Hall.
All Panyaden community and guests are warmly welcome to join us.

Please call 080 078 5115 or send us a message for registration.


Panyaden School Open House Week 2015

Panyaden School Open House Week
19 – 23 Jan., 2015

Bamboo and earth Panayden School assembly Hall, Chiang Mai

Calling all prospective parents! You are cordially invited to our bilingual and environmentally-friendly school’s Open House Week between 19 – 23 January, 2015! 9am – 3pm daily. Take a tour around the campus, come meet our teachers and find out more about our school concept and curriculum!

Please contact: Kru Boy (boy@panyaden.ac.th) on tel: 0800785115 or call 053 426 618 for an appointment.

Welcome to Panyaden School Chiang Mai  Map to Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Recycled Art

Panyaden School Chiang Mai: recylced art display outside classroom

As Thailand’s first green school, Panyaden encourages its students to find creative ways to recycle, re-use and reduce. Art classes are one great way of practicing these environmentally-friendly habits as shown in the following collages made by our students who recycled used magazines and wrapping paper.
Panyaden School's kindergarten student's collage using recycled crepe paper Artist: Alex Artist: Alice Kindergarten 3 student's collage made of scrap paper, Panyaden SchoolArtist: Bence
Artist: Din
Artist: Domingo Artist: Jazzy
Artist: Jeremy Artist: LiLi Artist: Lini
 Artist: Louis  Artist: Nadia  Artist: Nick
Artist: Por


Curious Visitors

Many curious people have dropped in to tour Panyaden School since we began construction last year. Some groups such as the fourth year architecture students from Chiangmai University visiting today, are fascinated by how such mundane materials can be creatively integrated using both ancient and modern building techniques.

Adobe bricks by Chiangmai Life Construction, earth and bamboo construction company in Thailand Architecture student drawing school designed by Chiangmai Life Construction

 Markus Roselieb, owner of green Chiangmai Life Construction, at Panyaden School Armed with sketchbooks and notepads, the students observe and feel the materials, the walls and salas and scribble notes. Led by their renowned Professor, Ajahn Julaporn (an expert in traditional Thai architecture), they bombard Ajahn Decha, our bamboo specialist and master builder, with questions about earth building techniques and types of local bamboo used here.

Other visitors sometimes come by to talk to Markus Roselieb, the Project Manager of the construction and Co-Founder of Panyaden School, about why he decided on using bamboo and earth for construction, and if his company will help them build their own eco-friendly homes. Most of these guests are also parents who want to check out the facilities and to find out more about its curriculum.

These visitors come from Thailand and elsewhere in the world. Today, one of them hails from Alaska! He, like many others, wants to know about the school’s Buddhist and environmentally friendly principles and what it hopes to achieve.

Panyaden School Bamboo building built by Chiangmai Life Construction, green company in Thailand Building built by bamboo and earth company in Chiang Mai, Chiangmai Life Construction at Panyaden School

Outside the majestic bamboo, earth and stone Assembly Hall, a famous Thai celebrity is interviewing Yodphet Sudsawad, the School Founder, about why and how she believes that Buddhist principles can be applied to a modern education, about the school’s vision, and its green practices.

Today is another busy day for the Panyaden team who is always happy to share its vision and environmentally friendly practices with the many guests who care about the same issues.