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Secondary Building Blessing, Dhamma Talk, and One-Day Meditation Retreat

We were honoured to have Venerable Phraraja Bajaramanit (Ajahn Jayasaro) and Ajahn Jiew preside over the Blessing Ceremony for Panyaden’s Secondary Building on Thursday 5th September 2019. Later in the evening, Ajahn Jayasaro shared his wisdom at the Dhamma Talk held at the Assembly Hall. 
Highlights of his teaching include:
  • Having different views should not stop us from respecting and befriending others.
  • We should not hold onto our views too tightly but instead be open to hearing the reasons others think differently and change our mind if appropriate.
  • It is helpful to remember the times we were convinced we were right about something only to find out later that we were wrong.
  • A mind trained in meditation is more skilful at seeing emotions for what they are and saves us from identifying with them and creating suffering for ourselves. 
Respectively, Ajahn Jiew then lead a One-Day Meditation Retreat on Saturday 7th September 2019.
Some key observations include:
  • We all know that sooner or later we will have to face pain. Working on peacefully coexisting with some pain during meditation can be a good practice.
  • Meditation does not always have to be about observing the breath. We can sometimes meditate about the particular topic and this can bring clarity in the mind. 
  • Walking meditation can be particularly efficient when contemplating an idea or an issue.
  • While walking meditation done at a very slow pace can help strengthen our focus, we can benefit a lot from doing walking meditation at a normal pace because we can then be better equipped to use it on a daily basis.
We, at Panyaden are ever grateful for their kind support and wise teachings, and our upmost thanks to all the students, teachers, staff, support team and participants in making the three day event a blissful experience.

Dhamma Talk by Venerable Ajahn Amaro at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Amaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at our Assembly Hall.
All Panyaden community and guests are warmly welcome to join us.

Please call 080 078 5115 or send us a message for registration.


Skillful Communication Talk

Skillful Communication - Panyaden dhamma talk poster june 2018

Panyaden Dhamma Talk on ‘Skillful Communication’

Panyaden’s Spiritual Advisor, the British-born forest monk, Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro will be giving a public Dhamma Talk (in Eng and Thai) at our Assembly Hall on Tuesday, June 5, 4pm to 5pm. Venerable Jayasaro will speak on the topic, ‘Skillful Communication’. All are warmly welcome to join us! Please call 080 078 5115 for more information or email us. See our Dhamma Talk event on Facebook and our school website Dhamma Talk by Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro event.

Ven. Ajahn Amaro Dhamma Talk

Ven. Ajahn Amaro giving a dhamma talk at Panyaden

Dhamma talk and Q&A with Venerable Ajahn Amaro

Wednesday November 22 at 4-5pm

We are delighted to announce that Venerable Ajahn Amaro will visit the school this Wednesday, November 22. Venue: Panyaden temporary site. All are welcome! Venerable Amaro will speak on the topic, ‘Kalyanamitr’, ‘Being A Good Friend’.

Venerable Amaro is the abbot of Amaravati Monastery in England. In 2015, he received the title of Chao Khun from the Thai royal family, a title given to senior monks selected by the Thai Sangha to acknowledge special acts of service.

Poster Dhamma Talk_Ven.Amaro_22 Nov 2017 final 

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro Visits

Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro with students at Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden, 7 November 2017

A wonderful opportunity for the school community as Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro visits Panyaden. Beginning with an alms round in the morning, Venerable Jayasaro spent time with students and teachers before giving a Dhamma Talk to the wider community after school. Venerable Jayasaro was impressed by the incredible support and goodwill shown by students, teachers, parents and friends. His presence motivated and inspired us. Venerable Jayasaro asked that the alms generously offered by students and parents be donated to the Wat Don Chan orphanage in Chiang Mai.

Morning alms for Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden temporary campus Students offering morning alms to Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro at Panyaden temporary campus Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro giving a dhamma talk to Panyaden community at the school's temporary site

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Upcoming Dhamma Talk

Dhamma talk by Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro hosted by Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai

Upcoming Dhamma Talk

Coming up on Tuesday, 7 November 2017, 4pm to 5.15pm is a public dhamma talk by British-born forest monk and Panyaden’s Spiritual Advisor, Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro. The talk will be held at our temporary school campus (please see maps below or go to Google maps. Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro will speak in both English and Thai. All are warmly welcome! Please contact 080-0785115 for more information. See event on Panyaden’s Facebook page.

Panyaden temporary site map in Thai Panyaden temporary site English map

Dhamma Talk (English/Thai) at Panyaden International School

Panyaden International School dhamma talk event 20 Jan 2017

In with the new, out with the old


You are cordially invited to the above Dhamma Talk (Eng/TH) @ Panyaden International School Assembly Hall, Chiang Mai by Ven. Ajahn Jayasaro. All are welcome!
Date/time: 20 January, 2017, Friday, 4pm – 5.30pm
Reserve a seat/click RSVP on Panyaden’s Dhamma Talk Event page.

ธรรมเทศนา โดย พระอาจารย์ชยสาโร ภิกขุ
ในหัวข้อ “เริ่มต้นสิ่งใหม่…ละทิ้งสิ่งเก่า”
วันที่ 20 มกราคม 2560 เวลา 16.00 – 17.30 น.
ณ ศาลาเอนกประสงค์ใหม่ โรงเรียนนานาปัญญาเด่น จังหวัดเชียงใหม่
โทร. 053-441460

Upcoming Dhamma Talk @Panyaden

Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro giving a dhamma talk at Panyaden International School
Dhamma Talk in English and Thai at Panyaden International School

by our spiritual advisor Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro

Topic: “In with the new, out with the old”
Date/time: 20 January, 2017, Friday, 4pm – 5.30pm
All are welcome! Click on RSVP on Panyaden’s Events page to reserve a seat.
Google map to our school.