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‘My Project’ 2015 Term 1 Celebrations

My Project 2015 T1, Panyaden School

We did it by ourselves! Parents, teachers and students join together to celebrate the result of 12 weeks of student-led planning, designing and making ‘My Project’. This term’s projects were: Shirts for the Dog Shelter, It’s All Natural (natural food products), Crafty Cats handicrafts, Sculpture, Cardboard Houses, Herbal Medicines, Traditional Weaving, Candle Making, Creative Hanging Things and Making a Herb and Flower Garden. The task included making sure all projects showed care for the environment and that the final products in some way brought benefits to others, whether making a candle for mum or donating profits from selling homemade jam to local school Wat Prachakasem. Job done!

Photos on the blog and on our Facebook page.