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Panyaden’s Honoured Visitors

Venerable guests at Panyaden School
Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro and Venerable Ajahn Jiew visited Panyaden to give a Dhamma Talk, see our classrooms in action and give advice to our students and teachers. Students prepared and offered food to our venerable guests and teachers hosted a workshop to present some of Panyaden’s new initiatives for 2016-17. We were also honoured to receive visiting teachers from our partner schools, Thawsi and Panyaprateep, with whom we exchanged ideas and experiences.

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Winter Aerobics!

Impromptu aerobics session at Panyaden School Chiang Mai
An inpromptu aerobic session this morning warmed up both students and teachers during this cold snap. What started as a small exercise to music activity for K2, soon became a full-on aerobic dance session as one-by-one the other Kindergarten classes emerged from their classrooms to join in the fun. Finally, even the administration and office support staff could not resist, and the whole place was jumping…literally!

Lets exercise! Panyaden School students gear up for aerobics session.

Recycling And Re-Using

Eco-school in action

Panyaden School, green school in Chiang Mai, recycles and re-uses waste

Every Friday, Panyaden School’s Life Skills teacher, Kru Yuzu leads our students in ‘Tidy Up’ sessions after morning assembly. The objective behind ‘Tidy Up Friday’ is to encourage our children to care for their environment by helping to clean up their classrooms and school grounds; to re-use and recycle in order to reduce all waste including dried leaves and broken twigs.

Each class and office has bins clearly marked for recycling and re-using. The students, teachers and staff separate their general waste into these bins that will be collected every Friday. This good habit is a big part of our school’s green practice.

Kru Yuzu with her students

Kru Yuzu says that all reusable materials go to the newly set-up storage area where they can be re-utilized and made into “new creations at school” (for example, used plastic bottles can be cut, painted and fashioned into vases and flowers; paper used on one side can be re-used) while other accumulated waste will go to the municipal recycling facility.

Since the start of the new school year last week, all our students from the little ones in nursery to Prathom classes, have been diligently picking up leaves and twigs on our campus each Friday. Today, our gardener, Khun Fon, showed our P4 students how this organic waste can be composted and made into fertilizer for planting. Composting is a technique used to accelerate the natural decay process. The technique converts organic wastes to a mulch, which is used to fertilize and condition soil. See footnote below photos for Khun Fon’s special homemade compost recipe.


Panyaden School students chip in to help clean school grounds as part of the school's eco-friendly practice  Expat student of Panyaden, bilingual schoool in Chiang Mai, taking part in cleaning up school campus  Dry ingredients for making organic compost at Panyaden School, green school in Chiang Mai  Panyaden School garden mixing ingredients for organic compost - part of our school's eco-friendly practice  Panyaden School gardener adding liquid mixture to leaves for composting - an eco-friendly practice at Panyaden School

Ingredients for organic compost –
  1. Mixture of beneficial microorganisms from bamboo, rice husks, and cow manure, rice wash, and sugar, which helps the decomposition of the dried leaves and to add nitrogen to the soil 
  2. Fermented milk + rice wash to add calcium
  3. Egg shells + rice wash to add calcium
  4. Chicken bones + rice water to add potassium
  5. Fish intestine + sugar to add protein. 

First Day of Second School Year

Busy first day at Panyaden School

Flag raising at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School's first day of second school year

Panyaden School's Thai and foreign students during morning assembyWe had a busy first day of school as students new and old came together for the first day of the first term of our second ever school year. There were tears and hugs (from parents as well as students!) as brave new pre-schoolers ventured into unfamiliar classrooms. And smiles and chatter from returning students who met up with their friends after the 2-month break. Assembly was a lot fuller than usual as we have almost doubled our student numbers this year. Our School Director reminded our old students of their responsibilities to make their new friends feel welcome and at home. And by the end of the first day, we were all settling in (well, most of us!) and getting to know each other.

Chiang Mai's environmentally friendly bilingual school, Panyaden School's teachers and staff welcoming students Thai teachers of Panyaden School waving a welcome to new and current students Thai parent with student of Chiang Mai's bilingual school, Panyaden Happy student at Panyaden School playground. Panyaden is a bilingual school in Chiang Mai. Kindergarten student arriving at Panyaden, green bilingual school in Chiang Mai Foreign student of bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden School

Parent arriving with students on bilingual Panyaden School's first day of the second school year Foreign teacher with Panyaden School's students, Chiang Mai Cheerful foreign student with fun spectacles at Chiang Mai's bilingual Panyaden School Bilingual students of Panyaden School in Chiang Mai Bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden has a mix of Thai and foreign students