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Children’s Day at Panyaden School

dsc_4728 Children's Day activities at Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Children’s Day is observed every year in Thailand on the second Saturday of January. Panayden School celebrated this special day in Chiang Mai on Friday with music and games for our students. See photos on our school blog image gallery. Our teachers also informed our children of the country’s motto for Children’s Day this year:

Be disciplined
Enhance knowledge
Bring Thailand towards ASEAN

รักษาวินัย ใฝ่เรียนรู้ เพิ่มพูนปัญญา นำพาไทยสู่อาเซียน

dsc_4734  dsc_4748

Above photos are taken by Ally Taylor.

Children’s Day Event

‘Kids’ Day 2012’ at Central Airport Plaza

What a huge turnout at Panyaden School’s booth this weekend! It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces on a day that honours and celebrates all children.

Little ones were cheerfully making friendship bracelets for their friends and family while others drew, coloured and cut out paper dolls. Many children (and, ahem, quite a few adults) were delighted to learn about basic cotton fabric making. They spun, threaded and weaved cotton fibre into small pieces of fabric.

We are happy that so many of you came out to play and learn with us. Let’s also give a big hand for our school staff and teachers who came out to help make the weekend such a success. Happy Children’s Day always!

The photos can be found here on Panyaden image gallery. We also have photos of other Children’s Day activities at our school here.


Children’s Day Event

Teachers, students & staff of Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai


Celebrate Children’s Day With Panyaden

Come play and learn with us at Central Airport Plaza this weekend! Fun activities for children all day long.

Date: Sat 14 –  Sun 15 Jan 2012

Time: 10.00-18.00 daily

Location: G Floor, D Zone (map below)