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Panyaden Budding Day 2014-5

Panyaden School Budding Day 18-19 Sept 2014

Today, the students are our teachers,” remarks School Director Neil Amas about Panyaden’s Budding Day, a 2-day celebration of this term’s learning led by our students. Each day, parents were invited into the classrooms where our students began with homeroom presentations before moving on to one-to-one as well as group activities focused on subjects like Maths and Science, to demonstrate what they have learned in class. There was lots of interaction as parents asked questions, played games, danced, painted and worked out puzzles along with their children.

This end-of-term event is an informal opportunity for our parents to receive feedback from their children themselves of their progress in school. It’s also a great way to encourage our students to keep on learning and improving in all areas of school life each term.

Panyaden School Budding Day (Preschool) Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool student performing Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool students performing Panyaden Prathom student presenting to parents, Budding Day 19 Sept 2014 Panayden Prathom students presenting to parents on Budding Day

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Blossom Day

An End-of-Term Celebration

Our Blossom Day on 30 September was an end-of-term celebration of learning that brought together students, teachers, parents and friends. Students showcased what they had learned during their first term through songs, dance, theatre and poetry. This was followed by a student-led ‘Lamyai Market’ with stalls selling food, drinks and souvenirs.

Performances by each year group, plus one which brought together the whole school, entertained parents and guests in the Assembly Hall.  Then we all made our way to the market place where students made and sold traditional Thai food and snacks and ran a number of shops and services, including a health check station and postcards decorated by the children.

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. We are very proud of our students!

Our kindergarten children, Panyaden School Kindergarten students performing on stage at Panyaden School Proud parents of our students at Panyaden School
 Students playing music at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai  Primary girls dancing for guests at Panyaden School Assembly Hall  Cu of dancers (Panyaden primary school)
 Thai dance number by our Panyden School students  Panyaden School student with her drawing  Panyaden primary students at the end of their dance number
 Prathom (Primary) students on stage at Panyaden School assembly hall  Bilingual play on stage at Panyaden School  Panyaden Prathom 3 teacher on stage with her students
 Primary students staging a play at our school (Panyaden School) in English  Panyaden School Blossom Day performance on our bamboo stage  CHILDREN'S INVITATION to Blossom Day Lamyai market
 Firefly nursery and kindergarten students at our school pantry  Panyaden school kindergarten students selling their wares  Boy with skewers full of food at school

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