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Panyaden Budding Day 1

Kindergarten 2 welcome banner - Panyaden Budding Day 1

Budding Day 1 Celebrations

Budding teachers from Nursery-Year 1

Panyaden Budding Day 1. Students teach parents how to draw, conduct science experiments; solve maths problems and even how to make healthy juices! All part of our Budding Day celebrations on 14 December and a great opportunity for the children to show us highlights of what they have learnt this term, practise their presentation skills and work with as a team. Well done to our students from Nursery, Kindergarten 1 (K1) and Year 1 (Y1) Dragonflies!

Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student shows parents what they have learnt Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student shows parents how to make healthy juice Panyaden Budding Day 1 - student teachers

Panyaden Budding Day 1 - art and science  Panyaden Budding Day 1 celebrations - smiles Panyaden Budding Day 1 - art

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Panyaden Preschool Budding Day

Preschool students perform a song for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day

Panyaden’s preschoolers celebrate their learning

We love to learn! At Budding Day, our preschool end-of-term celebration of learning, nursery and kindergarten students show their parents what they have learned in class this term.  The science (and art) of making coloured ice, playing fun tunes on little xylophones, drawing, learning new life skills, counting and much more.

_mg_3057-logo Preschoolers play the xylophone for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day Students showing parents how to mix a salad, Panyaden Budding Day for Preschoolers Drawing with dad during Panyaden's Budding Day (Preschool) Reading with dad, Panyaden Preschool Budding Day _mg_3043-logo Panyaden International School Budding Day Fun and games on Panyaden's Budding Day

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Panyaden Budding Day 2016 Preparations

Panyaden International School students prepare for their Budding Day, end of term celebration of learning. _mg_2914-logo Panyaden primary students rehearsing their music for the school's end of term celebration of learning, Budding Day 2016

Panyaden’s Budding Day preparations

Our students get ready for our end-of-term celebration of learning. Nursery and Kindergarten 1-2 presentations start tomorrow, 8 December, from 8.45am to 9.45am;and  Primary Budding Day is on 9 December from 1.20pm to 3.45pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Visit our image gallery for more photos of the Budding Day preparations.

Panyaden End-of-Term Celebration of Learning

Panyaden Primary students performing on Budding Day Preschool students dancing on Budding Day, Panyaden International School

Budding Day: End-of-Term Celebration of Learning

Panyaden parents are warmly invited to our end-of-term celebration of learning. Budding Day will be held over two days as follows:

Thursday 8th December, 8:45 – 9:45am: Nursery and K1-2 Budding Day
Friday 9th December, 1:20 – 3:40pm: Year 1-7 Budding Day

The Year 1-7 Budding Day will start in the School Canteen, after which you will be invited to go to your child’s classroom or selected specialist classes (such as Art or PE) to see what your child has been learning this term. Detailed schedules will be available on the day.

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Preschool Celebration of Learning

Students, parents and teachers celebrated our annual end of term ‘Budding Day’ yesterday. Budding Day is an opportunity for parents to see what happens in the classroom as teachers lead mums and dads through the daily routine and their children show them what they have been learning in Term 1. A great day!

DSCF2379 DSCF2454 DSCF2447 DSCF9071 Preschoolers performing for parents on Anuban Budding Day, Panayden School

Lots more photos on our blog and Facebook.

Budding Day 2014 Parent Feedback

Parents give Budding Day the thumbs up!

Budding Day 2014 Term 1, Panyaden School

Panyaden parents overwhelmingly voted Budding Day a resounding success, according to the 110 feedback forms we received. 65% of parents gave an ‘excellent’ rating to the overall event and a further 32% thought it ‘more than satisfactory.’ Almost all parents (97%) were impressed or very impressed by the students’ efforts and 90% of parents rated the students’ communication skills as ‘more than satisfactory’ or ‘excellent.’

Here are some selections from parents’ comments:

  • ”We had a lot of fun and it gave us a precious opportunity to be closer to our son’s daily reality at school.
    We saw, from even closer, how much energy you invest in your role and we would like to highlight this fact
    and thank you with great admiration.”
  • ”The event was smooth and peaceful, a wonderful morning. Thank you to the teachers and students
    for preparing this day.”
  • ”Just wanted to say that I really loved the set up, organisation and effort of those one on one encounters on Budding Day! It was fun, informative and heartwarming at the same time.”
  • ”We appreciated, once more, the devotion and the passion of every teacher we’ve met. These teachers,
    without any doubt, work with their heart and share their passion with our kids.”

There were also helpful parent comments about how we can improve next time, specifically in relation to timetable information and refreshments. Thank you, we will try to improve next time!

(Please click on each graphic for larger view.)

Slide01 Budding Day Parent Evaluation Slide03
Slide03 Budding Day Parent Evaluation Slide04 Budding Day Parent Evaluation
Slide05 Budding Day Parent Evaluation Slide06 Budding Day Parent Evaluation

Panyaden Budding Day 2014-5

Panyaden School Budding Day 18-19 Sept 2014

Today, the students are our teachers,” remarks School Director Neil Amas about Panyaden’s Budding Day, a 2-day celebration of this term’s learning led by our students. Each day, parents were invited into the classrooms where our students began with homeroom presentations before moving on to one-to-one as well as group activities focused on subjects like Maths and Science, to demonstrate what they have learned in class. There was lots of interaction as parents asked questions, played games, danced, painted and worked out puzzles along with their children.

This end-of-term event is an informal opportunity for our parents to receive feedback from their children themselves of their progress in school. It’s also a great way to encourage our students to keep on learning and improving in all areas of school life each term.

Panyaden School Budding Day (Preschool) Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool student performing Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool students performing Panyaden Prathom student presenting to parents, Budding Day 19 Sept 2014 Panayden Prathom students presenting to parents on Budding Day

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Wise Habit Samadhi Week 3

Panyaden School Wise Habit, Samadhi Week 3 Slide1

Today Master Samadhi and Kru Ou led a 1-minute meditation with the students. The Master also read letters from Kru Goy and Kru Timber commending their Prathom 5-6 students for using Samadhi (being calm and focused) when they led their parents in different activities on Budding Day. We also had a wonderful surprise visit from the Kung Fu Chef  who came out of retirement to remind the students to remember to apply all the wise habits that we have learnt.

Panyaden School Samadhi Week 3 Panyaden Samadhi 18

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