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Panyaden Bamboo Sports Hall News Coverage

Panyaden bamboo sports hall, cover photo on room magazine, Thailand

Modern Organic Design: ศูนย์กีฬา สถาปัตยกรรมไม้ไผ่

More news coverage about Panyaden’s unique bamboo Sports Hall

Panyaden’s bamboo Sports Hall architecture has recently made the news in many international and local Thai magazines lately for its unusual design and material. Read the latest article (in Thai) by room, Thailand’s influential omnimedia on home living and garden design as well as a write-up with the headline, ‘Arching bamboo trusses are left exposed in Chiang Mai sports hall to create a “feast to the eye” ‘ by leading international architecture, design and interiors magazine, Dezeen.

Panyaden's bamboo Sports Hall inspired by the petals of the lotus flower, photo by CLC in Dezeen
Panyaden’s bamboo Sports Hall design is inspired by the petals of the lotus flower

Panyaden’s Sports Hall News

Aerial shot of Panyaden's bamboo Sports Hall. Photo by CLA.

Panyaden’s bamboo Sports Hall and Assembly Hall, designed by Chiangmai Life Architects (CLA) to withstand earthquakes and other natural forces, has been receiving international press coverage recently on online architecture, design, sustainable living, lifestyle magazines and weblogs; the latest is from Highsnobiety, an online lifestyle news website. Read the article here and our previous post on our blog about coverage on Inhabitat, ArchDaily and other architecture/design websites.

(Above: aerial photo of the Sports Hall by CLA. More photos of Panyaden’s Sports Hall here; update of the building’s construction progress on our blog image gallery. )

Panyaden’s Bamboo Sports Hall

Panyaden International School's bamboo Sports Hall

Panyaden’s breathtaking bamboo Sports Hall is featured in Inhabitat, a weblog ‘tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future’. Designed and built by Chiangmai Life Construction, our bamboo Sports Hall has a modern organic design that draws inspiration from the lotus flower. The large multipurpose facility was built to withstand local natural forces including high-speed winds and earthquakes, and it boasts a zero-carbon footprint.

Completed this year, the lotus-like organic shape is a nod to our Panyaden’s use of Buddhist values in its British-based academic curriculum. Its undulating shape also reflects the surrounding hilly topography. The 782-square-meter open-air building is supported with a series of arches and topped with three petal-like round roofs lifted up at the edges to let in natural ventilation and indirect light. Read the article here and other coverage by other architecture, art and design magazines like ArchDaily, Arch2o, Colossal and designbloom.

The above photo was taken by Alberto San Cosi and shared by Chiangmai Life Construction. See more photos in Panyaden’s image gallery and our Facebook page album, From Concept to Design.

Panyaden In The News

Panyaden's bamboo indoor sports hall

Panyaden’s Bamboo Indoor Sports Hall

From Design to Completion. Article in architecture magazine.

Renowned architecture magazine, Arch Daily writes about the design and architecture of Panyaden’s Indoor Sports/Assembly Hall by Chiangmai Life Construction. The design was based on the lotus flower popular in Thailand where our school is, “and uses Buddhist teachings to infuse values into its academic curriculum and teach the underlying mechanisms of the human mind”. Read the article here. Photos by photographer, Alberto San Cosi can be found here on Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Malaysian Students Visit Panyaden

_MG_7949-logo Students from Taylor's University Malaysia with Panyaden International School director and head teacher
Bachelor of Education students from Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur visit Panyaden to learn about our green programme, teaching methods and how the architecture and environment facilitate student learning.

  _MG_7891-logo Taylor's University Education students at Panyaden _MG_7944-logo Taylor's University (KL) Education students at Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai