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Panyaden Kindergarten Festival of Learning

Recycled paper binoculars made by Panyaden preschooler_MG_8120-logo
Fun Festival of Learning at Panyaden

Sharing, exploring and learning together.Sharing, exploring and learning together. Panyaden’s preschoolers enjoy a variety of nature-inspired art and creative recycling activities at our mixed-age kindergarten Festival of Learning. Check out the photos in Panyaden’s Kindergarten Festival of Learning image gallery.

Panyaden Kindergarten student makes recycled paper, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden's preschoolers painting outdoors at school, Festival of Learning Preschoolers outdoors, Panyaden Festival of Learning Panyaden nursery measuring water for Panyaden Preschool Festival of Learning Preschoolers recycle dry twigs and pods to make art during Panyaden's Festival of Learning

Budding Day 2015 Term 1 Parent Feedback

Budding Day 2015, Panyaden School

Thank you to parents who completed our questionnaire on Panyaden’s Budding Day celebrations on 17 and 18 September. We are happy to report that 96% of Prathom parents and 96% of Anuban parents scored the efforts shown by the students as either ‘excellent’ or ‘more than satisfactory’. 65% of Anuban and Prathom parents agreed that the overall event was ‘excellent’ while 32% said it was ‘more than satisfactory’.

We thank you for your observations and will continue to improve on this end-of-term activity. Here are some of your comments:

• “Great job, teachers! I want to go to school here too!”

• “A great day. Timing is better than last year.”

• “Excellent teacher involvement. Good to meet other parents.”

• “The kids are very happy! The school is a very positive environment.”

• “Fun & informative! The kids seemed very proud of their accomplishments and of the sense of responsibility that had been entrusted to them.”

• “Everything was excellent!”

• “Overall, Budding Day is impressive and I like it because it keeps me informed of what students learn in the classroom.”

• “Some parents with more than one child in different grades were unable to join in all the activities since classes ran activities at the same time.”

Pre-school (Anuban)

Slide05 Slide06
Slide09 Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Slide13



Slide05 Prathom Slide06 Prathom
Slide09 Prathom Slide10 Prathom
Slide12 Prathom Slide13 Prathom

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Interview with FoP Chair

fop-logo Chair of FoP, Khun SarinpornFriends of PanyadenParents, teachers and students came together for another excellent Friends of Panyaden Flea Market. Great homemade food, hundreds of second toys, books and clothes and a whole lot of fun and smiles! We asked the new Chair of FoP, Khun Sarinporn about her plans for FoP this year.

Q: What are your aims for FOP this year?
A: To build the relationship between parents and the school and facilitate communication and information exchange between both.

Q: What advice would you give to new parents who join Panyaden?
A: Trust that the school will do its best for your child and join FoP so that we can get to know each other! Please come and see us if you need information about the school but are too shy to ask!

Q: We are a multi-cultural school with many different nationalities, languages and cultures. What are the best ways to overcome any barriers that this may present?
A: We are from different cultures and speak different languages but we all have the same aim: to do the best we can for our children. I always think that the best way to understand another is to try and put ourselves in their shoes.

Q: What, in your view, should be the main focus of primary education?
A: There are two important areas of focus. First, especially for Anuban, it is how to develop kids to do things for themselves and take care of themselves. Second, is building the emotional and moral foundation, which is important at Prathom level. The 12 Wise Habits provide excellent values for living and a true path to dealing with difficulties in life. Academically, the emphasis should be on ‘learning to love learning’ rather than filling children with just information and knowledge, which, after all, are easy to find.

Thank you Khun Sarinporn and we look forward to a great year with FoP!

Interview with FoP Chair (Thai), Panyaden School

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Anuban Budding Day 2015

Preschool Celebration of Learning

Students, parents and teachers celebrated our annual end of term ‘Budding Day’ yesterday. Budding Day is an opportunity for parents to see what happens in the classroom as teachers lead mums and dads through the daily routine and their children show them what they have been learning in Term 1. A great day!

DSCF2379 DSCF2454 DSCF2447 DSCF9071 Preschoolers performing for parents on Anuban Budding Day, Panayden School

Lots more photos on our blog and Facebook.

Panyaden Budding Day 2014-5

Panyaden School Budding Day 18-19 Sept 2014

Today, the students are our teachers,” remarks School Director Neil Amas about Panyaden’s Budding Day, a 2-day celebration of this term’s learning led by our students. Each day, parents were invited into the classrooms where our students began with homeroom presentations before moving on to one-to-one as well as group activities focused on subjects like Maths and Science, to demonstrate what they have learned in class. There was lots of interaction as parents asked questions, played games, danced, painted and worked out puzzles along with their children.

This end-of-term event is an informal opportunity for our parents to receive feedback from their children themselves of their progress in school. It’s also a great way to encourage our students to keep on learning and improving in all areas of school life each term.

Panyaden School Budding Day (Preschool) Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool student performing Panyaden School Budding Day - Preschool students performing Panyaden Prathom student presenting to parents, Budding Day 19 Sept 2014 Panayden Prathom students presenting to parents on Budding Day

Lots more photos on the blog –
Anuban Budding Day
Prathom Budding Day

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Loy Krathong 2013


Panyaden marked this year’s Loy Krathong celebrations in two sessions, one for our little Nursery and Kindergarten (Anuban) children and another for our older Prathom students. Both groups began the festivities by making their own krathong with banana stems, leaves and colourful flowers topped with candles. Student representatives then explained the meaning of this traditional Thai festival before performing a dance to entertain their parents and teachers.

Loy Krathong is one of Thailand’s most beautiful annual festivals celebrated during the full moon of the twelfth Thai lunar month (November). Student dancers and musicians led a colourful procession of parents, teachers and students to the lake behind the main campus, playing the customary Loy Krathong festival song along the way. After thanking the river for providing water that sustains us all year long and making a wish, they quietly launched their krathong one by one into the lake.

We wish everyone in Thailand an enjoyable and happy Loy Krathong!

dsc_8969a  Krathong-making at Panyaden School Chiang Mai dsc_9162  dsc_9559-1

Lots more photos of the celebrations taken by Ally Taylor for the school blog:
1. Nursery and Kindergarten
2. Prathom 1-6

Prathom Budding Day

Prathom students celebrate Budding Day

dsc_8570 My Project presentaion on Prathom Budding Day, Panyaden School
Panyaden School’s Prathom Budding Day celebrations kicked off today with many homeroom activities headed by our elementary students. In the P5-6 class, for example, parents joined their children in drawing maps, listened to a presentation on Chiang Mai’s history and learnt some Thai dance movements. P4 students played different parts of a tree and described their functions. The other classes demonstrated their Mathematics and Science skills as well as oil painting techniques.

An exposition of our students’ art (both Anuban and Prathom) was also held at our assembly hall for all to enjoy between activities. It was fun to see everyone enthusiastically participating in the dances, games as well as planting and art sessions.

dsc_7770 Student art exhibition, Panyaden School Chiang Mai dsc_8336 dsc_8379 dsc_8433 dsc_8155 dsc_8049

At 11am, we gathered in the same hall for the much-awaited ‘My Project’ presentations. With the help of specialists and advisors, our students decided individually or in teams the projects they wanted to work on. We saw the result of their thinking, planning, effort and teamwork in the showcase today. Some learnt to design and sew their own clothes, three grew vegetables while others combined their talents to create board games. A few students built colourful birdhouses to beautify the school. Each team presented a video and shared with us the wise habits and other lessons learnt and applied along the way.

Well done and thank you to all our Anuban and Prathom students for celebrating your studies and hard work with us these 2 days! We look forward to learning more together in the new term.

Visit our Panyaden blog gallery for today’s photos by Ally Taylor.