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K2-3 at the rice mill

Panyaden School students at a rice mill in Lamphun Students of bilingual school, Panyaden at a rice mill Panyaden School students learning to process rice at a mill Panyaden School's kindergarten students around a rice miller

With a heave and a push, Panyaden’s Kindergarten 2-3 children helped each other grind rice grains between heavy milling stones. They were having fun learning about rice milling at the United Way Center (sic) for Sustainable Communities. This trip to Lamphun was a culmination of our Sustainable Crop programme where the children learnt hands-on the whole process of rice production before it ends up as steaming bowls of cooked food on our tables.

<Internationals students of Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Threshing rice - students of Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Panyaden School has a mix of local and international students learning in both Thai and English Panyaden School kindergarten student laughing as he learns to thresh rice Panyaden School teacher & student threshing rice Student of bilingual school, Panyaden, learning to thresh rice

There were shrieks of laughter as our children first tried threshing the rice grains by throwing them in the air with a simple basket without dropping any. They also saw how this labour-intensive process could be helped along with a milling machine.

Panyaden School's kindergarten students at a rice mill in Chiang MaiFinally they all sat down to a well-deserved rest and a video about the history of United Way which is owned by the Chaiwana Foundation (ศูนย์ฝึกสหวิถีเพื่อชุมชนยั่งยืน โขงสาละวิน มูลนิธิไชยวนา จ.ลำพูน). The Foundation aims to help Thai farmers to be self-sufficient by growing sustainable crops like rice, vegetables and animal husbandry.

More photos here on Panyaden image gallery.

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