Summer School Week 3

Let’s Rock!

Rocks and minerals can be fun to learn about through exploratory games and activities like scavenger hunts and grinding them down to create art and craft projects. Our focus for Panyaden’s Summer School week 3 is on the importance of these natural elements that make up the earth’s crust and mantle. Children are naturally curious and love going on field trips, making things with their hands and learning through creative activities. They get excited when they can see, touch and smell different textures, colours and shapes. This week, they get to play geologists and rock hunters going around the school campus and at the Obkhan National Park to collect rocks and stones that capture their imagination.

Panyaden Summer School staff and students having a splashing good time on a field trip I found a big rock! Panyaden student on a field trip to learn about rocks and minerals. Quietly looking for rocks - student on Panyaden Summer School field trip

These specimens are then identified, sorted and categorized by the children according to colours or mineral content, shapes or textures before they present them to their friends and teachers. They talk about where they found the rocks; the mineral content, for example, the red in a rock is a clue that it contains iron; that a smooth one found near a stream may mean that water movement over a period of time has rounded it. All these activities integrate science, geology and art. They aim to encourage children to think logically, to work both individually and in teams, using their skills and creativity to develop a personal awareness, care and love of all of nature’s gifts.

Panyaden Summer School student looking for rocks in a lake Panyaden Summer School: learning about rocks and minerals Panyaden Summer School students categorizing rocks and stones

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