Sports Day 2012

Go Team Panyaden!

Cheering our schoolmates on at Panyaden School Sports Day in Chiang Mai Student throwing ball during Panyaden School's Sports Day 2012 Student bouncing on ball at Panyaden School Sports Day Panyaden student clapping and cheering her friends on at SPorts Day Students enjoying a ball game at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Tug-of-war game on Sports Day at Panyaden School in Chiang Mai

Catching human flies, sprinting around the school compound, bouncing on large rubber balls, jumping over bamboo poles and kicking footballs were just a few fun games our students and teachers did today on our school’s first Sports Day. What an exhilarating day! Spirits were high, pulses were racing and we screamed ourselves hoarse as we cheered on our teammates. Many of us (including the little ones) clapped, drummed or played different instruments and danced along with Kru Tee, Kru Jeab and other teachers which added to the joyful atmosphere.

Head teacher, Kru Michel, addressing the students on Sports Day, Panyaden School Aerobic exercise warm-up before start of Sports Day at Panyaden School in Chiang Mai Panyaden School teacher leading the school in aerobics exercise on Sports Day Fun with exercise and sports, Panyaden School Our Thai and foreign teachers taking part in the long distance sprint on Panayden School Sports Day Panyaden School's music teacher drumming up excitement at our school's sports day

Kru Noy, our PE teacher in charge of Sports Day, Panayden SchoolAt 9am, we eagerly gathered at our football field as Kru Michel gave a brief opening speech to mark the start of the day’s events. Kru Jeab helped us to warm up with an energetic aerobic exercise. Then our PE teacher, Kru Noy who was in charge of organizing today’s activities, divided each class into 2 teams: orange or green. Off we went to different stations around the school to play the interesting games our teachers have prepared for us.

Orange or green, we all gave our best. It was fun to be the fastest runner or to score the most number of goals but more than that we enjoyed laughing, playing and helping each other in the team events. Hurray for Panyaden! Hurray for our schoolmates, for Kru Noy and all the teachers who made this day a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable one! And a big thank you to all our parents for joining us on this beautiful day!

Panyaden School teacher helping young student to the finish line Prathom students congratulating their friend on winning, Panyaden School Sports Day Student hugging friend at finish line, Panyaden School Sports Day A helping hand for my teammates, Panyaden School students at sports day Student enjoying bouncing game at Panyaden School Sports Day 2012, Chiang Mai

Panyaden School students cheering on nursery student daunted by high jump event Panyaden student clears the pole at high jump event on Sports Day Nursery student having fun during Sports Day at Panyaden School Panyaden School Sports Day event Team sports, Panyaden School Sports Day 2012 Panyaden School teachers & students work together as a team on Sports Day

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