Science Day at Panyaden

Science is fun!

Excavating dinosaurs frozen in ice, using salt to float eggs in water, learning about the food groups and healthy diets with chefs in tall hats and making foamy elephant toothpaste with soap were just some of the interesting activities our students experimented with during Panyaden School’s Science Day.

Students experimenting with natural food dyes on Science Day, Panyaden School

To mark the Thai National Science Week, our teachers Kru Ota and Kru Mark organized activities for our K3 to P6 students highlighting different branches and applications of Science that occur in our daily lives. Students demonstrated and explained fascinating facts about density, transpiration, how to use everyday products like vinegar and baking soda to make hot ice (melting and freezing points), catalysts and chemical reactions. The hands-on scientific experiments and quizzes were fun and stimulating ways to spark our students’ interest and participation in the subject outside their regular classroom curriculum.

Panyaden School Chiang Mai - Science Day 17 Aug 2012 Students 'excavating' dinosaurs frozen in ice during Panyaden School's Science Day, Chiang Mai

Photos by Ally Taylor:

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