Reading Week 2014 Launch

Panyaden student reading at school assembly hall

Even a tiny mouse can help a big strong lion! We learned this today at the launch of our school’s Focus on Reading Week. Our teachers had put on animal facemasks they made to enact a story they adapted from one of our favourite Aesop fables, ‘The Lion and The Mouse’. We enjoyed the skit very much and look forward to many more such activities that help make stories that we read come alive for us.

Psnyaden students engrossed in play by teachers, Reading Week 2014  DSC02022 Panyaden Reading Week skit by teachers

Kru Neil said this morning, “Welcome to the wonderful world of reading!” This week we will discover that reading books can be so exciting and exhilarating in many ways. Our teachers have planned many activities like DEAR where we drop everything and read a book of our own choosing for 20 minutes. We will also get to read with our buddies and share our favourite books with each other. We will even get to read out loud our own writing or passages from our best-loved literature to our teachers, friends and parents as well as hear interesting stories around the world. What fun!

DSC02065 DSC02086 Panyaden School Prathom student reading Prathom student reading in school assembly hall, Panyaden School Panyaden teacher telling a story to students, Reading Week 2014

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