Panyaden Wise Habit, Sati

Being self-aware

Panyaden School’s Kung Fu Chef brought along some friends from China who were visiting him in Chiang Mai today. They performed the following skit about sati (สติ, being mindful and alert) for our students:

In a forest, the animals are having fun playing together when suddenly they hear a thunderous boom. One rabbit runs in panic to a tiger. He tells her that the world is falling down. Both then hurry anxiously to their friend, the chicken, to tell him the news.

Together, the frightened animals rush to seek an audience with the King of the jungle. The lion counsels them not to panic but to investigate the sound. He leads them towards the direction of the noise only to find out that it was actually created by the falling of a large fruit from a tree. The animals realise they acted impulsively without stopping to think first.

For the next 2 weeks, our children will practice being self-aware, thinking before they act and dealing with any difficulties calmly.


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