Panyaden Wise Habit, Sacca

 Telling the truth and keeping our word

Students learn about wise habits at Panyaden School Chiang Mai with the help of our Kung Fu Chef

Sacca (pronounced ‘Satja’), สัจจะ, means ‘being truthful’. This is the wise habit that our favourite Kung Fu Chef shared with Panyaden students today upon his return from a week-long meditation. He and Kru Michel elaborated that practicing this sensible habit involves telling the truth and always keeping our promises.

Singing songs help Panyaden School students remember wise habit, Sacca (Being truthful)

To help us remember this virtue, Kru Tee and Kru Namping led us in a sing-a-long of a catchy new song called ‘Being Truthful’, composed by our very own Kru Noy.

Head teacher with students at bilingual wise habit session, Panyaden School
Head Teacher, Kru Michel with our captains of Sacca
Students practicing Panyaden wise habit kung fu moves with the Chef
The kung fu moves are a fun way help students remember the 12 wise habits

More photos of today’s session by Ally Taylor are on the blog.

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