Panyaden School Official Opening Ceremony

Panyaden student musicians and spiritual advisor, Ajahn Jayasaro leading procession at school's opening ceremony Panyaden School Opening Ceremony Apr 24, 2012 Panyaden's main Buddha image at the school, Chiang Mai Buddhist monk dotting the Panyaden School sign - blessings for the green bilingual school in Chiang Mai

An Auspicious Day

Accompanied by the gentle rhythmic peals of bells and the resonance of a gong being struck along with offerings of food and flowers, Panyaden School’s official opening ceremony began on a movingly dignified note today with a procession to our main Buddha image, Phra Panyanuphap Chaiyamongkol. Our Spiritual Advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro led the bearers of the shrine containing the relics, our guests and staff along the tree-lined path through our campus gate to the Buddha sala.

Panyaden teachers & staff welcoming guests at our school's opening ceremony Honored guests at Panyaden School's opening ceremony Panyaden School Director, Neil Amas, with offering for the school's opening ceremony

Panyaden School Founder and guests at the bilingual school's opening ceremony on 24 April 2012 _DSC4320 Panyadebn International School opening Student and teacher dancers at Panyaden School's opening ceremony and enshrinement of relics

Students, teachers, parents and guests dressed in Lanna costume tossed flowers onto shrine, then the procession was met by a graceful Thai dance from our students who threw pink and red rose petals in the air. We then kneeled while Taan Ajahn Jayasaro enshrined the relics in the hollow lotus crown of Phra Panyanuphap Chaiyamongkol (‘auspicious victory through the power of wisdom’).

More blessings followed as Buddhist clergy from Chiang Mai chanted in the Assembly Hall in celebration of our school’s opening. Victuals and other gifts were also offered to the monks and to some of our senior guests to commemorate this special day in the history of Panyaden.

Dancers tossing rose petals in the air at Panayden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Panyaden School's spiritual advisor, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro, enshrining relics at our Buddha image Chants of blessings by Buddhist clergy at Panyaden School

Panyaden School Founder pouring water for Taan Ajahn Jaysaro (part of food offering ritual at school's official opening day) Panyaden School guest from Hang Dong municipality offereing food to monk at our school's opening ceremony Offering gifts to senior guests at Panyaden School's opening ceremony

During his Dhamma talk that followed, Taan Ajahn Jayasaro kindly commended the efforts of our school founders and staff who “are willing to make the commitment to the Buddhist approach, to go through the difficulties of pioneering something new.” He added that Buddhism is not a system of dogma but “a practical, effective and superior system as it is an education of the whole child based on an accurate and authentic understanding of the human condition.”

Taan Ajahn Jayasaro is a great fan of the school’s architecture to which he refers as the “art of the possible, based on an understanding of the nature of bamboo and earth, the environment and the climate.” Our architecture is “compatible to the practical Buddhist approach to education that is “based on an understanding of the nature of human beings, the relationships between our environment, our bodies and mind.”

After the Dhamma talk, we rounded off our celebrations with our ‘Ton Lam Yai’ market selling popsicles, snacks and handicraft made by our students and teachers. All proceeds went to a children’s charity supported by Somdech Ya. Thank you all for commemorating this special day with us and for your support throughout the year.

Enjoying the market organised by Panyaden School students and teachers Panyaden School market sales for charity Mixed student at Panyaden School's charity market Panyaden School teachers enjoying their snacks at the school's official opening

 More photos by Ally Taylor here.

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