Panyaden Preschool Budding Day

Preschool students perform a song for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day

Panyaden’s preschoolers celebrate their learning

We love to learn! At Budding Day, our preschool end-of-term celebration of learning, nursery and kindergarten students show their parents what they have learned in class this term.  The science (and art) of making coloured ice, playing fun tunes on little xylophones, drawing, learning new life skills, counting and much more.

_mg_3057-logo Preschoolers play the xylophone for their parents on Panyaden's Budding Day Students showing parents how to mix a salad, Panyaden Budding Day for Preschoolers Drawing with dad during Panyaden's Budding Day (Preschool) Reading with dad, Panyaden Preschool Budding Day _mg_3043-logo Panyaden International School Budding Day Fun and games on Panyaden's Budding Day

More Panyaden Preschool Budding Day photos.

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