Panyaden Annual Rice Planting 2019

“More Than Just A Bowl of Rice”

Two weeks after the Panyaden Rice Planting Day, our students returned to the paddy field to cultivate the rice and see how it is growing. This is a true community activity that involves students, parents and teachers, emphasizing #enthusiasm and #perseverance (Viriya) from growing the seedlings, preparing the field, right up to the time the rice is on the table. Students will now have a chance to watch it grow and then take part in the harvest with their parents. To complete the cycle of awareness, students will take the rice to the rice mill and finally bring it back to school and offer it to the cooks. Knowing the journey from the seed to the rice in their bowl, Panyaden students can truly appreciate every grain of rice on their plate and understand the important role we play in this vast natural ecosystem.

Rice Planting, preparation week 19th to 29th August, 2019

Rice Planting Day August 30, 2019

Rice Planting, cultivating week of 9th September, 2019

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