Panyaden Annual Rice Planting 2016

Immersed in mud! Rice planting at Panyaden International School
It’s rice planting time at Panyaden! Kids, teachers, mums, dads and grandparents waded through the mud to plant this year’s crop of sticky rice. Harvest due in December. Expected on our plates in February!

_MG_8061-logo Panyaden International School English homeroom teacher distributing rice seedlings for planting IMG_5375-logo Panyaden student on paddy field, rice planting day at school IMG_5397 Panyaden School Director joining in the rice planting _MG_8110-logo Parent and child ready to plant their rice at Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai _MG_8087-logo Parent and son planting rice together at Panyaden INternational School

Lots more photos here on Panyaden’s blog!

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