P4 Figurative Writing Unit

DSCF6803 P4 share their alliterative book with Kindergarten 2, Panyaden School
Grade 4 students discovered alliteration in their figurative writing unit. After creating their own alliterative alphabet book, they wanted to share their work with the Kindergarten 2 class who have been learning their ABCs.

DSCF6812 Prathom (Grade 4) share their own alliterative book with K2, Panyaden School chiang Mai DSCF6822 Kindergarten 2 studens enjoying the alliteration session by Prathom 4 (P4), Panyaden School DSCF6807 Prathom/Grade 4 enjoy sharing their alliterative book with Kindergarten 2 class, Panyaden School

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