P1-2 Field Trip to Dokmai Garden

Panyaden School students at Dokmai Garden (photo by teacher, Gabriella)

“We were excited to have such well educated, well behaved and interested children, and to meet teachers who took such a pride in pedagogic efforts and to make knowledge fun. When children spray you with questions and regret when they have to leave five hours later, then you feel the future is in safe hands.”

– Eric Danell, botanist/owner of Dokmai Garden

Grades 1-2 bilingual students of Panyaden School on a field trip

Our P1-2 students and teachers seemed to have made quite an impression on the owners of Dokmai Garden, Eric Danell and Ketsanee Seehamongkol. They enjoyed the visit as much as our children did. Read their post here.

Panyaden School trip to Dokmai Garden, Chiang Mai  Panyaden School students learning about botany       

  The photos here are contributed by Kru Gabriella.

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