My Project Update

Panyaden students showing off their bamboo house model for their self-directed learning project

‘My Project’Panyaden School’s self-directed learning programme, is proving a great success and is gaining momentum since its introduction a few weeks ago. The passion and enthusiasm of our students is inspiring. There is also much laughter and gentle banter while they discuss, negotiate, plan and start working on the various projects, such as publishing a bilingual magazine about life in Chiang Mai, building a Happy House or a bamboo bridge with railings over the school creek so that little children can cross easily and safely to the farm as well as recycling used materials to make green model cars and so on.

Our Prathom pupils were given the responsibility of choosing their own project, then designing and creating or building it individually or in teams. Teachers and specialists help out as facilitators giving guidance when needed. Our students have been working hard, often starting early or staying after school. Here are some photo updates:

‘Magic Land’ Mural Painting (Team: Penguin, Elle, Lini, Aisha • Facilitators: Kru Pond, Kru Or

Clothes Making – Team: Nachel, Alice, Noonah, Sita • Facilitators: Kru Goy, Kru Elizabeth

Boat Making – Team: Matthew, Jack, Jeremy, Nick • Facilitators: Kru Tee, Kru Gabriella

Bilingual Magazine – Team: Lily, Phi, Ty, Sam • Facilitators: Kru Buai, Kru Tracey

Green Model Car – Team: Domingo, Din, Roman, Leo, Hugo • Facilitators: Kru Wirut, Kru Mark

Happy House – Team: Jessica, Aiko, Lili, Charli, Noah, Por • Facilitators: Kru Ota, Kru Yuzu

Bamboo Bridge – Team: Oliver, Jazzy, Nalin, Nick • Facilitators: Kru Noy, Kru Jessica

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