Making Our Own Krathongs

Krathongs made by Panyaden School students for Loy Krathong

“Loy Krathong is here and everyone’s full of cheer” (Loy Krathong song). Part of the festive fun today was making our own krathongs at Panyaden School and  floating them in the swimming pool before we took them home. We also helped our teachers light some Chinese lanterns and watched them fly off into the sky.

It is easy to buy krathongs everywhere during the festival but nothing beats making your own with your friends or family and seeing your handiwork stay upright, floating along happily on the water.

To make a krathong, we first cut slices of banana stem to make the lotus-shaped base. Then we folded and pinned banana leaves around it. Finally we decorated it with pretty flowers, incense sticks and candles. Voilà our very own krathong!

Thai music teacher cutting up banana leaves for krathong-making (Panyaden School) Panyaden School art teacher preparing flowers for making kratongs with students Student of bilingual school in Chiang Mai, Panyaden, placing banana leave on kratong base Pinning banana leaves around krathong base made of banana stem (Panyaden School) Panyaden schoolboy decorating krathong base with banana leaves Panyaden School teacher and student decorating their krathong (float) for Loy Kratong) Panyaden School primary students hard at work decorating flowers

Students of different nationalities making krathongs at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Nursery student adding flowers to his krathong at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Caucasian student at Panyaden School making his own krathong Enthusiastic primary school and nursery students of Panyaden School Little boy making his krathong at Panyaden School

Teacher and student making krathong flower floats, Panyaden School Making krathongs for Loy Krathong Festival at Panyaden School, bilingual school in Chiang Mai Flowers adorn krathongs - making the floats for Loy Krathong at Panyaden School Panyaden School studenr showing off her hand-made krathong Girl (student of Panyaden School) with the large krathong that she made at school Panyaden School student with traditional float (kratong) for the Loy Krathong Festival

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