Donations to disadvantaged children

dsc_3748 Panyaden School students at Wat Don Chan Chiang Mai
Panyaden School’s Prathom 1 students presented gifts of clothes, cash, food, books and toys to disadvantaged children at Wat Don Chan Orphanage in Chiang Mai today. These contributions from our parents, students and staff were given to the abbot of the temple that runs the orphanage and school. Our students and staff received prayers and blessings from the affable monk before proceeding for a short visit to the Wat Don Chan School on the temple grounds.

Thank you everyone for your generous contributions!

dsc_3741 Abbot receiving donation from Panyaden School Chiang Mai  dsc_3769  dsc_3753   dsc_3891

Above photos taken by Ally Taylor. Click here to see more.

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