Mar 052018

Makha Bucha Day 2018

Celebrations at Panyaden

Panyaden International School teachers and students celebrated Makha Bucha Day, an important day in the Buddhist calendar, starting with the Makha Bucha song by Year 1, role plays by Year 2-7 which acted out the Buddha’s sermon, ‘do good deeds, avoid bad deeds, purify the mind’ and finishing up with the traditional vien tien (circumambulation) at the school’s Buddha Sala. See more photos here in Panyaden’s Makha Bucha Day image gallery.

Panyaden Makha Bucha Day 2018 - role play by Year 2-7 (Y2-7) students Panyaden students and staff circumbulate the school's Buddha Sala as part of Makha Bucha Day 2018 celebrations Panyaden students placing offerings at school's Buddha Sala as part of Makha Bucha Day 2018 celebrations

Feb 212018

Panyaden Teacher Spotlight from Panyaden Newsletter Issue 32 Kru Fern, Year 1 Ladybirds Homeroom Teacher In Issue 32 of Panyaden Newsletter, we profile Kru Fern who shares with us her teaching strategy and what she loves most about teaching at Panyaden. “Teaching is a fascinating profession because it lays the foundations for people’s future learning. […]

Panyaden Teacher Spotlight
Feb 192018

Parent Spotlight from Panyaden Newsletter Issue 32 Khun Ohm and Khun Supreeda Asavakovit Our Parent Spotlight in the latest Panyaden Newsletter (Issue 32, Jan/Feb ’18) is on Khun Ohm and Khun Supreeda Asavakovit, parents of Pordee Kindergarten 1 Caterpillars. “The traditional education we experienced does not teach how to build ‘lifelong happiness’. We decided to […]

Parent Spotlight
Sep 292017

Panyaden Newsletter Issue 31 Student Spotlight Cheerful Ching Ching from Kindergarten 2 (K2) Busy Ants loves watching clouds – fluffy ones, dark rainy ones and best of all, she loves seeing the rays of sunlight appearing from behind the white clouds and beaming their way into her eyes! Her other favourite weekend pastimes are hiking, […]

Newsletter Student Spotlight
Sep 292017

Panyaden Newsletter Issue 31 Teacher Spotlight We profile Kru Denny, our new Year 7 Homeroom Teacher in the latest issue of Panyaden Newsletter. “My goal for Year 7 is that students leave Panyaden prepared for secondary school and enthusiastic about learning. I want the students to feel able to solve problems by themselves and that […]

Panyaden Homeroom Teacher
Feb 092017

Grandparent Spotlight in Panyaden’s Newsletter We talk to Y5 student Dom’s grandparents. Although they live 30 km away, Grandpa feels that Panyaden is the right school for his grandson because of our vision and green environment. Click on our school newsletter link to read the article in Thai.

Panyaden Newsletter issue 28
Sep 152016

Kru Teeraporn, Kindergarten 2 Teacher “My aim is to teach children how to be with others, how to manage their happiness and the most important thing is to listen to them,’’ says Kru Teeraporn, Panyaden’s K2 homeroom teacher. “As a teacher, we have to be very careful not to dominate children without listening or giving […]

Panyaden Teacher Spotlight
Jul 182016

“We came to Chiang Mai because we wanted time and space to focus on our life and our children. When we saw the layout, the green space, the openness and peaceful environment at Panyaden, we knew right away that this is the place for our sons.’’, Asa and Hoa, parents of Leo in K1. Read […]

Parent Spotlight, Issue 25 Panyaden Newsletter
Mar 082016

คุณปกรณ์ (พ่อโอ) และคุณยุภาพรรณ นิคม (แม่เมิน) ผู้ปกครองน้องนะโม นักเรียนชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ ๑ ได้เข้าร่วมเป็นสมาชิกใหม่ของปัญญาเด่นในปีการศึกษานี้   Article in English: Feb/Mar 2016 newsletter.

Parent Spotlight
Jun 302014

FINE DEA magazine visited Panyaden on Fri, 27 June to do a story for their July 2014 issue. The theme of the next edition is ‘Slow Life’. FINE DEA magazine’s concept is about tourism, lifestyle, business and trendy issues.  

FINE DEA Magazine