Being Enthusiastic

Panyaden students during school's wise habit session

The objective of Chanda (ฉันทะ) is the desire and cultivation of dhamma, truth and goodness as well as the pursuit of knowledge. This wise habit leads to effort and action based on clear thinking, common sense and goodwill towards others. These values are all part of the education process at Panyaden School in Chiang Mai.

At this morning’s assembly, our Kung Fu Chef points out that a good example of chanda in action at school is when our students work together on their ‘My Project’ programme. They have been engaging themselves wholeheartedly in independently gathering and applying knowledge of various subjects with the help of our teachers who guide them in discovering and creating rather than simply telling them what they need to know. Watching our students during this process, we see their desire and enthusiasm to learn as well as the joy and fun in working as a team towards finishing their projects well.

Panyaden students practicising their kung fu moves for 12 wise habits Panyaden students working together to recycle plastic bottles for their school project

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