Basic First Aid Training

B ruised joints, minor wounds, insect bites, colds and other childhood ailments are regular incidents in any kindergarten or school. Therefore Panyaden School has its own well-equipped First Aid Room.

But as hardware is nothing without the knowledge of how to use it properly, Panyaden’s teachers and staff were trained by experienced nurse Nittaya Koonrat on basic first aid skills such as cleaning and bandaging minor wounds and how to deal with lively youngsters in physical distress in general. This kind of training will be an ongoing part of the overall teachers training programme at Panyaden.



First Aid class for Panyaden School's Teachers', English school in Chiang Mai


First Aid Class at Panyaden School, English school in Chiang Mai (Thailand)


Tik and Nurse at Panyaden School First Aid Class for teachers

Panyaden Teachers learning first aid at their English School in Chiang Mai
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