Asanha Bucha Day

Panyaden International School marks Asanha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai

Panyaden students and teachers commemorate Asanha Bucha Day, an important day in the Buddhist calendar. Later, the Grade 3 class offered food and the candle the whole school made earlier in the week to the local temple, Wat Ban Sala. Candles are traditionally offered to monks at this time for Khao Pansa, a time when monks retreat for three months during the rainy season for contemplation and study.

_MG_4217 Parents joined in the Asanha Bucha Day 'vien tien' procession at Panyaden Internation School Chiang Mai _MG_4201 Panyaden International School pre-schoolers, Asanha Bucha Day PhotoGrid_1468550628733 Panyaden International School marking Asanha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

More photos here.

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