Ajahn Jayasaro’s Visit (from our Newsletter Issue 2)

Panyaden's Buddhist Spiritual Advisor, Ajahn Jayasaro visits our school in Chiang Mai

Q and A with Ajahn Jayasaro

The Venerable Ajahn Jayasaro kindly visited Panyaden School to meet students, parents and teachers. Our students prepared a list of questions to ask him.

“Why are you a monk?” asked Nova from K2- K3. Because I thought it was the best way to become a better person and create a better world, Ajahn Jayasaro replied. Lily from P1-P2 asked, “Why do you meditate?” He responded that it helps calm the mind and keep us in the present moment.

Ajahn Jayasaro, Panyaden School's Buddhist spiritual advisor Bilingual school students, Panyaden School in Chiang Mai Student asking a question at Panyaden School's Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Jayasaro Kindergarten student asking questions, Panyaden School (bilingual school in Chiang Mai) Foreign student at Panyaden School, bilingual international school in CHiang Mai Panyaden School's Thai student asking questions during Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Jayasaro

Praise the behaviour, not the child

In the talk with parents, Ajahn Jayasaro cautioned against telling your children ‘You are smart’ or ‘you are beautiful.’ This can impose a fixed identity on a child that is difficult to shake off and encourages children to focus on an attribute that may not be beneficial to them, such as physical looks. We should instead praise effort. Enjoying one’s own effort is more likely to lead to happiness, regardless of ultimate success or failure.

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