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Flood Update 5

Panyaden moving furniture to warehouse after flood cleanup

Flood at School Update 5

Current Situation

We are now waiting for the school buildings to be thoroughly dried out before beginning repairs and renovation. Meanwhile the site is being prepared and salvaged furniture, equipment and teaching materials have been moved to storage and divided into the items we will take to the temporary campus and the items which will continue to be stored until we move back to the main site. We spent last week preparing for our move to the temporary site. Classrooms and offices have been assigned and we have been planning logistics, such as how student drop off and collection will work, where food will be served etc. After the break, teachers will be in the temporary campus getting the classrooms ready for re-opening on November 6.

Keeping Students Learning

Our paramount concern is getting students back to learning. To minimize disruption, all parents should have received a package of resources and ideas that can be used at home with your child (please let us know if you didn’t receive it). We know this is not the same as learning at school, and we totally appreciate that many parents are busy and/or working, so please just do whatever you can. The important thing is to keep those little brains active while we get everything ready for November 6!

Safety of the Buildings

Some parents have expressed concerns about the safety of the buildings at school after the flood. Last week a structural engineer spent a whole day at the site checking the structural safety of the buildings. He confirmed that the load-bearing rammed earth walls showed no signs of structural stress. Even the partly damaged structures were still strong enough to carry loads up to 6 times of what they are actually carrying now. That means that all our structures are super safe and dimensioned with a safety factor of 6 and higher.
Earth buildings are not meant to stand in flood water of course! To guard against the unlikely event of standing water soaking the walls in the future, our builders CLC we will be using alternative materials to strengthen the wall finishes so that they are water resistant.


We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of parents and friends of the school. We have had so many donations, small and large, that it is impossible to personally thank everyone. However, we want all our families and friends to know how grateful we are for your support, in no matter what form it comes. Just sticking with us gives us so much confidence that we can pull through this challenge together.

Many parents asked for specific ways in which they could help, so we have created a list of items that we urgently need for the temporary campus, and a list of what we need for when we go back to our main campus (please click on the links below).

There are many fundraising activities happening around town, in parents’ homes, at other schools and within Panyaden family businesses, many of which we continue to highlight on Facebook. If you wish to get involved, please contact Friends of Panyaden, either through their Facebook page or by calling 062- 026 2673 EN (Sylvia) and 089- 433 4881 TH (Jip).

We will continue to update you on funding plans, building updates and prevention measures as we get more clarity of information. A huge thank you to all!

Panyaden Fundraiser 1

Panyaden Fundraiser at Baan Kang Wat

Rebuilding Panyaden Fundraiser

Panyaden held a fundraiser at Baan Kang Wat’s secondhand goods market over the weekend to raise money for our school repairs after the recent flash floods. A big thank you to all who set up the stalls and worked so hard at selling the goods, and to you who came out to support us. Thank you too to the families of our new students Nong Jun Jun and Nong Wen Wen who came together to make and sell delicious gyoza both in their neighbourhood as well as at Baan Kang Wat. Total raised: 25,200 baht. Couldn’t do it without you ❤️.

Panyaden Fundraiser at Baan Kang Wat for rebuilding our school. Panyaden Fundraiser for rebuilding our school at Baan Kang Wat Panyaden Fundraiser Baan Kang Wat: Chinese students and their families chip in to help raise funds for our school

More photos here in Panyaden Baan Kang Wat Fundraiser.

Students Rebuild Panyaden

Y4-7 Students helping Panyaden rebuilding efforts

All For One and One For All

Year 4-7 students came to school today to help with the Rebuild Panyaden effort. We started by asking for their reflections on what had happened and what opportunities come from difficult situations. Then we got to work! First, picking up any remaining rubbish left behind by the flood, then making a human chain to carry earth from a collapsed wall out to the car park, where it will help with subsidence. The students worked with effort and in excellent spirit, clearly enjoying feeling part of the rebuilding effort. We couldn’t do it without them ❤.

Y4-7 Students helping Panyaden rebuilding efforts, fun working together! Rebuild Panyaden effort: all hands on deck

 Happy to help, Student rebuild Panyaden effort Student cleanup, rebuild Panyaden effort

See more photos here: Y4-7 Student Teamwork at Panyaden


All for One and One for All Video


Panyaden Flood Appeals

Devastation of classroom, Panyaden flood

Flood Appeals

Rebuilding Panyaden. How can you help?

Thank you for wanting to help us rebuild our school. Please click on one of the links below to access a list of things that we need:

Priority list, urgently needed by October 30, 2017
Long term list, needed by January 4,2017
Ideas and suggestions
Facebook Updates

If you wish to make a general donation, please see our online funding campaign and bank transfer details below.

Online donations (global):

Bank transfer (local):
Account name: Panyaden Co., Ltd.
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Hangdong Branch)
Account type: Saving
Account number: 402-274-0923
Swift code: SICOTHBK

Thank you so much. We can’t do it without you!

Note: For enquiries, please contact Kru Nuchie at, Line ID: pranuchie, WeChat ID: pranuchie or Mobile: 0818435551

Flood at Panyaden: Appeal for Help



ISCN Donations

ISCN presents donations to Panyaden Founder
Feeling grateful. International Schools Circle of the North (ISCN) and some international schools in Chiang Mai (Grace International School, Lanna International School, Asia Pacific International School, Chiang Mai International School, Nakornpayap International School, Hana Christian International Kindergarten, Prem Tinsulanonda International School and Christian German School, Singapore International School Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai International Christian School) make generous donations to Panyaden’s Founder, Yodphet Sudsawad. Thank you so much, We couldn’t do it without our friends ❤.

Thank you ISCN for donating to Panyaden flood appeal fund Thank you for your donations ISCN, Panyaden flood update 3 Thank you for your donations ISCN, Panyaden flood update 2 Thank you for your donations ISCN, Panyaden flood update


See more photos of other donors who dropped by our school here on Our Community’s Generosity photo gallery. Thank you to all for your kindness and generosity!

Community Meeting Q&A

Panyaden children help in cleanup after the flash floods

Panyaden School Community Meeting

Questions & Answers led by Head Teachers, Kru Dokmai and Michel

What do I tell my kids? After last week’s flood, Panyaden’s Head Teachers share advice with parents on how to break difficult news to their children.

The School is flooded! What am I going to tell my child?

When I heard the school was flooded, I had pictures of my own basement being flooded years ago. We had to pump out the water, mop the floor, replace the carpet, clean and dry furniture, replace some wallpaper or repaint the walls. It was weeks before life resumed normally. It was a disaster! This however, was nothing compared to the what I saw when I arrived at school. I was in shock! An event of this magnitude can generate various levels of worries, concerns and anxiety for adults. Children are even more vulnerable. Dealing with difficult emotions is something we acquire over time.

So we wonder… What is the most important message we want students to get from this? What can we do? Etc. There is no perfect answer to the questions we have but we should try to answer them keeping in mind a few key principles and elements already in place at Panyaden.

Q: How much information should I share with my child?

How much information one can absorb is based on his or her emotional maturity level. Too much information can be detrimental, so let’s adapt what we share to what they can absorb without feeling discouraged. For children up to about Year 3, this would mean sharing something like: “There was muddy water everywhere at school, even in the classroom, so you can’t go back to school until every classroom has been cleaned up and dried.” Year 4 to Year 7 students could be told the same thing initially, with more information being shared when they see the site.

Q: How can I help my child deal with change?

Whatever issues we face, we need to feel we have a certain measure of control over them before we can decide to act positively, so let’s provide an opportunity for children to contribute to the rebuilding of the school and the organisation of their new temporary settings. All students will be set to work to and add decorations to their new classroom as soon as they start at the new site on 6 November. Year 4 to Year 7 students will be invited to help at school on Friday morning, 20 October.

Q: Should we take our children to see the school?

Dealing with change is often difficult for children and adults alike. We can prepare them to move on to the temporary setting by showing them that the school is under renovation. Nursery to Year 3 students will be invited to come and see the school under renovation on Friday morning 3 November.

Q: When should I tell my child that the school will be temporarily relocated?

Time is a difficult concept for children to grasp and having to deal with difficult information over a long period of time only allows them to imagine the worst and this can lead to anxiety. So let’s share the news of the move with them as close to the actual move as possible. For Nursery to Year 3, this could mean not mentioning the need to go to a new facility until they come and visit the school on 3 November.

Q: Should we take our children to see the new school location?

After children has a chance to see Panyaden being renovated, you might want to drive by the new temporary location with them over the weekend. A google map link will be emailed to all parents on Friday 3 November.

Q: What can my child learn from this?

In difficult circumstances, we seek to understand what’s happening and why it’s happening. Academically, that will be a great opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of the force of water, how it works, from eroding soil to moving rocks, to refreshing us when we’re hot and providing electricity where we need it. Emotionally, it will be important to take the time to talk to your child about change, about how the need to acknowledge and accept our emotions but also the need to move forward and stay focused on what we can do to make things better. Point out the importance of teamwork and how everyone at Panyaden, parents, teachers and children are working together as a team.

Our school mission should guide our actions: “we aim to develop resilient, thoughtful and caring individuals through a practical, values-based education. We see that for this to happen, the school must work together with families and the wider community.” (Read more.) We have seen a lot of the latter in the last few days! The school philosophy also reminds us that success in life includes building the ability to overcome difficulties. Now is an opportunity to live up to these standards, to do, on a bigger scale, what we promote in the classroom every day: use a difficult situation as an opportunity to learn. We know already that modeling is more powerful than words so let’s show our students that together, we can do it! Show them that, indeed, nothing is permanent but that the personal qualities of character we have developed already with our 12 Wise Habits can be strengthen by challenges and that they will endure and be with us for the rest of our life.


Panyaden School Community Meeting

Panyaden school community meeting, flood update

Panyaden School Community Meeting

Flood Update: Summary of our school community meeting held on 16 October, 2017

Panyaden International School founder, Yodphet Sudsawad, expressed her deep gratitude for all the support from families. She emphasized that despite the challenges we face because of the flood, the education of our children remains our first priority. Here’s a summary of the meeting.

Current situation updates

School Directors Kru Neil and Kru Nuchie updated families on the current situation and what is needed:

  • Flood debris has been removed from the campus. Access to the school site is now not permitted while construction and repairs begin.
  • A temporary school campus has been confirmed. School will open again at the temporary campus on November 6. Map and details will be provided to families in due course. During next week and the week after half term, students will be as-signed work activities to do at home.
Fundraising and finances
  • Initial damage estimates are 40 million baht, of which insurers are willing to cover only 5 million baht.
  • It was explained that the school founder has invested all of her personal wealth into the school, which was close to reaching the break-even point. Because we are still not at that point, the school has no reserve fund for natural disasters. This is why we have launched funding appeals.
  • The school is working on a breakdown of costs for rebuilding and purchasing new materials. Itemized costs will be shared to families through FOP with details of priority and urgency for interested individuals and fundraising subgroups. An information-sharing platform will be confirmed.
When will we move back to the school?

It is too early to give a definite date, but we are hoping it will be after the New Year break. This is not confirmed yet, and we will keep families updated as the situation becomes clearer.

Keeping students learning

Head Teachers Kru Michel and Kru Dokmai gave some suggestions to parents about how to explain the school situation to children. Full details will be sent home.

  • Year 4-7 students will be invited to the school site on Friday 20 October to learn from the disaster and brainstorm how they can help.
  • It was suggested that younger students be given more limited information about the flood. They will be invited to the school site on November 3rd in order to understand why we have to move to a temporary campus.
  • It is important to ensure learning is kept up. Homeroom teachers will start sending out assignments/activities (with deadlines attached) via email by Wednesday, 18 October.
  • Parents should notify us by calling at 080 078 5115 if any assignments have not been received by 30 October.

Panyaden school community meeting at CLC, flood update Panyaden school community meeting at CLC on 16 Oct, flood update

Q&A/suggestions from parents

Q1: Will the school still go to Chiang Rai for Jula Kathin on 28 October?
A: The plan for Jula Kathin remains the same. However, school will re-confirm this week.

Q2: How will parents know what is needed at school in order to start their own fundraising?
A: The list will be shared to parents shortly with details of priority. Parents are encouraged to form their own fundraising groups, with FOP as a coordinating point.

Q: Has students’ work been saved?
A: Most work has been lost. However, homeroom teachers will be checking what has been saved, if anything. Even saved work will mostly need to be thrown away as hygiene consultants have advised us to discard items which might be contaminated as a result of the flood.

Suggestions from parents:

  • One parent offered help in finding insurers for the future.
  • One parent will explore potential partnership/funding links with the Thai-American community in the USA.
Meeting homeroom teachers

Parents met with homeroom teachers to share ideas and plans for keeping up student learning during these next weeks.

The meeting closed at 4.30pm. Panyaden’s School Director, Kru Neil thanked the parents again for their incredible support.

Flood Update at School 4

Soldiers helping cleanup at Panyaden, flood update

Flood Update at School 4

Today was another day of great team work and effort at Panyaden. Teachers, parents, soldiers, construction workers, all worked together to empty the buildings and clean furniture and equipment. A huge thank you to everyone.

Current Situation

All the buildings at school have now been emptied. The furniture, equipment and teaching materials that we have saved have been cleaned and will this week be either taken to warehouse storage or to the new temporary classrooms. Water levels in surrounding canals rose again today but have since subsided. More rain is ex-pected this week so soldiers have been sand-bagging. See photos in our blog gallery.

No entry at school

There will be no entry to school from tomorrow until further notice as constructors move in to start repairing and rebuilding.

Parents Meeting on Monday

We would like to remind you that there will be a parents and carers meeting on 16 October, Monday afternoon at 3.30 pm. At that meeting we will be sharing any new in-formation with you, presenting plans for the upcoming period and answering ques-tions. The meeting will be at our temporary office at Chiangmai Life Construction Company Limited 326 Thanon Kan Klong, Nong Kwai, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230.

Parking space is limited so please, if possible, park on Canal Road, after the CLC entrance (click map below for larger view). We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Map of Panyaden Temporary Office at CLC MapSalvaged furniture and things, Panyaden flood update 4 Panyaden cleanup, flood update 4

Funding appeal

We will need a significant amount of funding to get the school back on its feet. We have set up two appeals funds, one is for online donations from the global community, the other is via local bank transfer through the Siam Commercial Bank. We kindly ask you to share these with your contacts or via social media. Thank you.

Online donations (global):

Bank transfer (local):
Account name: Panyaden Co., Ltd.
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Hangdong Branch) Account type: Saving
Account number: 402-274-0923
Swift code: SICOTHBK


Flood at School Update 3

Panyaden classroom after the flash floods
Flood at School Update 3

We have been overwhelmed with the support from our school and local community these last three days. Teachers have been here every day, all day, carrying, cleaning, salvaging. Many parents have come in, bringing furniture from the classrooms, hosing it down, bringing food and water. We have also had help from the local district authorities, who brought clean water for cleaning, and groups of 20-30 soldiers, who have provided some much needed muscle. There have been tears and laughter, but most of all there’s been a great team spirit.

Current Situation

The assembly hall and canteen have been cleaned. Both have come through the flood quite well and this gave us all a lift today. We are continuing to empty all the classrooms and of-fices so that repairs can begin next week. Furniture is being cleaned and will be stored in a local warehouse. Teaching materials and library books are being stored everywhere from teachers’ houses to the principal’s living room! We have saved about 30% of our teaching materials and around 70% of our furniture is OK, the rest needing repairing or throwing out. Most of the electrics are damaged, but we are still assessing this.

Parents help to clean up, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Student and staff Parents help to clean up, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Muddy cameras, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Muddy office, Panyaden flash floods cleanup day 3 Panyaden flash flood cleanup day 3

When will school open again?

We have found some temporary premises not too far from school (in the area behind Kad Farang). We will open again on November 6th, one week after the half term break. We will let parents know the exact details of the location and more about the premises over the next few days.

How will my child catch up?

On Monday, the teachers will start preparing activities that can be done at home during next week and the week after half term. We will be looking at different ways in which we can make sure your child keeps up with his or her learning during this time. Please bear with us as we get some plans together. More than anything, our aim is to make sure the interruption to the children’s learning is kept to a minimum. We are sorry for the extra burden and incon-venience this may place upon families, and really appreciate your patience and support.

How parents can help with the clean up

Parents who wish to help with the clean up are invited to come to school again tomorrow, any time from 8:30am. As with today, the main areas of assistance will be:
1) Collecting rubbish (please bring garbage bags)
2) Cleaning furniture and materials
3) Providing refreshments and lunch for the volunteers

Any parents who would like to help, please email Kru Boy at so that we can organize groups. We recommend you bring rubber boots and gloves. I’m afraid we still do not consider it safe for children as the grounds are very muddy. Please park at the beginning of the school lane near the water tank and car pool if possible – we have very lim-ited space. We really appreciate your help.

Parents Meeting on Monday

We would like to invite parents and carers to a school community meeting on Monday af-ternoon at 3.30 pm. At that meeting we will be sharing any new information with you and presenting plans for the upcoming period. The meeting will be at our temporary office at Chiangmai Life Construction Company Limited 326 Thanon Kan Klong, Nong Kwai, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230.

Funding appeal

We will need a significant amount of funding to get the school back on its feet. Our school insurance covers a maximum of THB 5 million and we do not yet know how much of this we will actually get. This may seem a small amount, but the fact is that most insurance companies do not want to insure earth and bamboo buildings and even this limited cover was hard to find. Panyaden was built to provide children with an education in a natural environment. This is at the core of our vision and the school firmly believes that an environment which provides children with a model of a sustainable future is worth building, regardless of the obstacles presented to us.

We have also set up two appeals funds, one is for online donations from the global community, the other is via local bank transfer through the Siam Commercial Bank. We kindly ask you to share these with your contacts or via social media. Thank you.

Online donations (global):

Bank transfer (local):
Account name: Panyaden Co., Ltd.
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Hangdong Branch) Account type: Saving
Account number: 402-274-0923
Swift code: SICOTHBK

On behalf of everyone at school, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuing support. Every kind word and gesture motivates the school community to keep working to overcome this challenge. We are so sorry that this has happened, but we are fully committed to getting Panyaden back on its feet for the benefit of our children.