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Panyaden Life Skills: Rice Project Field Trip

Panyaden Year 2 and 5 student field trip to rice mill in Chiang Mai

Panyaden Life Skills Rice Project: Rice Mill Visit

From Field to Table. Panyaden’s Year 2 and Year 5 visit a traditional rice mill to experience the milling process, using rice they grew and harvested themselves at the school’s own rice plots. See lots more photos on Panyaden’s blog image gallery.

Panyaden International School Chiang Mai students with eggs they gathered during their rice mill visit Panyaden International School Chiang Mai students picking vegetables for cooking during their rice mill visit Panyaden student and buffalo eye each other curiously Panyaden International School student enjoy sitting a rocking horse on the field of a rice mill Fun ride! Panyaden International School student field trip to a rice mill in Chiang Mai



Former Students Visit Panyaden

Former students and parents of Panyaden visit our international school in Chiang Mai before leaving for Australia

We were recently visited by the Sandaver family, whose three children graduated from Panyaden, having studied here from the very first day. ”Coming to Panyaden was a blessing,” says dad. ”They all still carry the spirit of the school with them.” He reports that they are all doing very well, academically and socially, particularly excelling in English. They are soon heading off to live in Australia. We will miss you, family Sandaver!

Panyaden Class Photos

Panyaden International School class photo taken last year 2016

School Photos Announcement

Panyaden will be taking our annual school photographs for each class from tomorrow –

1. Tuesday, 21 February: Nursery and Kindergarten 1-2
2. Thursday 23 February, Year 1-7

Parents, please make sure your child wears the school uniform and that his/her hair is clean and tidy. If your child has PE on that day, please bring the uniform in a bag to change into later. Thank you.

Panyaden International School Parents Meditation Retreat

Panyaden International School's Parents Meditation Retreat 2017

Panyaden Parents Meditation Retreat, 9 – 12 March 2017

Panyaden International School is organising a 3-day meditation retreat for our parents under the guidance of Venerable Ajahn Jiew. Situated at the peaceful monastery of Wat Yen Boon in Chiang Rai, this retreat will be suitable for both beginners and regular meditators, Thai and English speakers. The Dhamma talk will be in Thai and English. Please make your reservations by 24 February. For more information, please contact Kru Boy ( or Andres (