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Malaysian Students Visit Panyaden

_MG_7949-logo Students from Taylor's University Malaysia with Panyaden International School director and head teacher
Bachelor of Education students from Taylor’s University in Kuala Lumpur visit Panyaden to learn about our green programme, teaching methods and how the architecture and environment facilitate student learning.

  _MG_7891-logo Taylor's University Education students at Panyaden _MG_7944-logo Taylor's University (KL) Education students at Panyaden International School in Chiang Mai


Preparing Seed Balls for Rice Planting

IMG_5306-logo Year 1 preparing rice seed balls for rice planting at Panyaden International School
Year 2 students prepare rice seedlings for their young kindergarten friends for tomorrow’s annual rice planting. This traditional technique compacts soil into mud balls to that the rice plants can be thrown into the field instead of pushed into the ground. Easier for little hands!

_MG_7874-logo Panyaden Year 1 students making rice seed balls for planting at school

IMG_5277-logo Rice seed balls, Panyaden International School

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Panyaden Y5 Life Skills

Panyaden International School Life Skills programme: Year 5 (Y5) students preparing field for rice planting at school.
Year 5 students preparing our fields for rice planting later this month. Panyaden’s Life Skills programme integrates practical skills (like how to use a hoe), science and social science (the rice plant life cycle and crop production) and essential personal qualities like perseverance, patience, teamwork and valuing the work of others (such as the farmers who work in the hot sun to produce the food that we eat). Skills for Life!

Invitation for Panyaden Parents

Parents and teachers get together over tea and light refreshments at Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai

Tea with Teachers

Thursday, 25 August 2016
Nursery/K1-2 from 3:30pm to 4:00pm; Year 1-7 from 4:00pm to 4:45pm

We would like to invite all our parents for an informal get-together with your child’s teacher next week. Get to know our teachers and learning plans for your child over light refreshments.