Monthly Archives: June 2016

Integrated Learning

DSCF4485 Panyaden School Grade (Prathom) 2 students on field trip to the market
Maths, communication skills, health studies…..Prathom 2 students visit a supermarket and fresh food market in Mae Hia to learn about the differences between local and imported products and to plan a meal, including ingredients and budgeting. Integrated, real-life learning at Panyaden!

DSCF4473 Prathom 2 studens buying fresh fruit at Mae Hia market, Panyaden School Chiang Mai

Fun Learning @Panyaden

Panyaden International School Upper Primary students making their own raft

Raft builders!

Upper primary students  learn hands-on about the buoyancy properties of different materials by building their own raft to float on the river later in the week. Science, practical life skills, teamwork and fun all in one.

Upper Primary students making their own raft to learn about buoyancy, Panyaden International School Science class: Panyaden International School upper primary students learn about buoyancy by making their own raft