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Panyaden Blossom Day 2015

IMG_3009 Panyaden School dancers, Blossom Day 2015

Excited parents and friends gathered in Panyaden’s assembly hall on Friday for our annual Blossom Day, a time for our school to come together and rejoice in our achievements. And what a lively and colourful show it was! The different classes presented an entertaining showcase of their knowledge, skills and learning dramatized through a wide range of performances spanning local and international cultural music, dance, storytelling and more. What stood out clearly was the effort and enthusiasm evident in the inspiring costumes, creative live sound effects, the beautifully painted backdrops and the bright, happy smiles on the students’ faces as they performed on stage.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work not just for putting this vibrant show together but also throughout the school year!

_MG_0204 Panyaden Prathom student dance performance _MG_0114 Student lion!, Panyaden Blossom Day 2015 _MG_9732 _MG_9796 Nursery student, Panyaden School Blossom Day 2015 _MG_0792 Dutch dance performance by Panyaden students, Blossom Day 2015

_MG_0905 Panyaden student creating sound effects with a glass of water, Blossom Day 2015 _MG_0260 _MG_0724 _MG_0101 IMG_3020 Graduating Kindergarten 3 students, Panyaden Blossom Day 2015 IMG_3021 Graduating Prathom 6 students, Panyaden School

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Young Stars Delight!

IMG_2887 Panyaden School student football game

Our budding Panyaden Under 8s football team enjoyed their first ever organised match today, racing to a 4-0 win over an invited team from other schools in Chiang Mai. The culmination of a whole term of training under dedicated coach Kru Thomas, the boys had a wonderful time cheered on by teachers, friends and parents.

Panyaden School's budding footballers

Panyaden School football match 5 Mar 2015More photos here.

Makha Bucha Day 2015

IMG_5395 Makha Bucha Day wien tien ceremony, Panyaden School 2015

Venerable Ajahn Sundara kindly led our Makha Bucha Day celebration today. We started the morning by offering alms to Ajahn Sundara then held a short assembly where Prathom 1 students made a presentation about Makha Bucha and Venerable Sundara shared some words about its origins and meaning. Finally we walked together around the Buddha Sala in the traditional wien tien ceremony.

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